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A Guy from New York Identifies as a Baby Girl

A guy from New York who identifies as a baby girl and who has a history of pedophilia was arrested for frequently breaking into a childcare facility. The man is 65 years old and comes from a pedophilic background.

Daniel Seeler was taken into custody on February 18 by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office after he was caught breaking into the Inspire! Learning and Childcare facility in Clarkson.

According to the director of the facility, the occurrences began when an employee discovered a letter and $120 that was reportedly left by Seeler. The note inquired as to whether or not the daycare had adult-sized diapers and whether or not they would “play along” with him. The staff at the daycare discovered two similar notes and $200 the following week. Following the initial occurrence, the director arranged for the installation of surveillance cameras and made contact with the relevant authorities.

On February 11th, the monitoring system at the facility tipped up the personnel that there had been unusual behavior. When the director arrived, she discovered additional money and another note, in addition to the fact that the diaper bin had been searched. The man indicated in the note that he enjoyed playing the role of a baby girl and called himself “Baby Danielle.” The note also included sizes for pants, shoes, and bras in addition to dress sizes.

The surveillance system once more notified personnel the following Saturday, and the director dialed 911 to report the incident. Seeler is said to be seen on the video “playing with diapers and sewing them together to construct a bigger one” before putting the diaper on, pulling his trousers over it, and rushing out of the building. The video was supposedly taken by another employee. During further investigation, the director discovered that someone had taken three diapers, used a bib, and drank half of a bottle of baby formula.

According to the police, Seeler admitted that he broke into the daycare and explained that he was battling addiction at the time. Even though he is expected to appear in court on accusations of burglary and petty theft, he was allowed to leave jail on an appearance ticket.

Tony D’Agostino, the proprietor of the daycare, stated that Seeler was not known to the employees working there. He also stated that the facility is cooperating with the inquiry and concentrating on the protection of the children. Since then, the institution has implemented new measures to bolster its security, including the installation of new door locks.

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