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After the oppressive covid regime was ultimately defeated, Aaron Rodgers with Joe Rogan celebrated their success by doing a victory lap. This has caused some to shed a few tears.

The summaries in these two tweets are so good that I used them to embed the video. They’re telling it like it is on the covid witch hunt; they’re highlighting how intrusive it really was. This level of government intrusion is completely crazy. So, Fauci’s minions are going to start showing up in the locker rooms and imposing their will on the players. 

The media is up in arms about it, particularly the Mediaite NeverTrump nanny-state ninny that Mark Levin occasionally brings up in his podcast. Someone named Sarah Buttf or someone like that, who genuinely used her own fingertips to enter this sentence into an “essay” that she wants individuals to take seriously: “The two college dropouts discovered a lot of similarities in an edition of A Joe Rogan Experience that was published on Saturday,” the article states. “The host of the show, Joe Rogan, interviewed one of the most notable NFL players who refuse to be vaccinated.”

This very situation is why we came up with the phrase “cry moar”.

Aaron Rodgers with Joe Rogan

There were many more people who complained about it out there. It’s not just a case of sour grapes; they have a lot to answer for in regard to what these people did to the majority of us.

They are oblivious of it at this stage, but the Covid Inquisition will have to face the consequences of their actions. It won’t be easy for Fauci to get away with his assault on democracy.

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