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The Water Crisis That China is Experiencing Can Cause Food Shortages on a Global Scale

According to reports, severe drought conditions that have persisted for years across a significant portion of China have brought the nation to the verge of total collapse.

In the event that the predicted water disaster actually occurs, China’s food and energy production will be rendered ineffective. This could also result in supplies of food, raw products, consumer items, and other goods all over the world, and on a much wider scale than the troubles that are currently being experienced with the post-pandemic distribution chain.

Because China is such a significant producer of foods, energy, and many other basic items and commodities, whatever interruptions that are caused by the country’s water supply would have an effect on the rest of the planet. The world economy, in its present form, would disintegrate into nothing more than a cheap suit.

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According to an article published in Foreign Affairs, “unlike other commodities, there are no feasible replacements for water.” “The cultivation of food, the production of energy, and the sustenance of humanity all depend on it.” (Related: The drying up of China’s Yangtze River, a vital shipping route, is generating challenges for the economy of the country.)

“For China, freshwater has been essential to the nation’s rapid growth. At the moment, China consumes 10 billion barrels of freshwater per day, which is approximately 700 times more than its consumption of crude oil every day. Northern China’s water supply has been stretched beyond a threshold that is viable as a result of 4 decades of exponential productivity expansion coupled with food and nutrition security policies that are aimed at national self-sufficiency. These factors threaten to cause a similar situation in areas of southern China as well.

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