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World Economic Forum’s Controversial Plan: Surrender Private Interests for Government Control in the Name of ‘Decarbonization’?

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has proposed a controversial plan in their latest white paper, developed in partnership with McKinsey & Company. The plan aims to increase the money supply and reduce the value of common assets, all with the intention of promoting the bold initiative of “decarbonization.”

Their report, released under the title “The Role of Public-Private-Philanthropic Partnerships in Driving Climate and Nature Transitions,” asserts a need for an annual investment of up to $3.5 trillion to achieve net-zero emissions and and restore nature. To gather this substantial sum, the WEF-affiliated initiative, Giving to Amplify Earth Action (GAEA), aims to solicit contributions from pertinent stakeholders.

A notable proposal put forth is the idea that private entities should surrender their independence and submit to government supervision. In return, they will suposedly enjoy increased access to credit and safeguards against market instability, mirroring the Chinese Communist Party’s governance framework, which WEF founder Klaus Schwab has openly admired.

This proposed investment, however, amounts to a staggering 60 percent of the annual U.S. federal budget, raising concerns about the potential burden on U.S. taxpayers in international public-private ventures.

Notably, just weeks prior, the WEF had emphasized an urgent need for a whopping $13.5 trillion to avert a climate catastrophe by 2050– a revised timeline from their prior projections. Accenture, a consulting firm involved in this report, echoed this call for immediate action, aligning with the WEF’s intense focus on “decarbonization,” reiterated a striking 91 times in the document.

The forthcoming WEF Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, themed “Rebuilding Trust,” looms on the horizon, promising further discussions and potentially contentious debates over these proposed strategies.

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