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Discover the hidden agenda behind the decline of public transport and the rise of private cars. Uncover the truth about the interests influencing urban planning and the impact on our cities and environment.

In recent years, the decline of public transport has become increasingly evident. But have you ever wondered who is really responsible for the downfall of efficient bus and train services? It seems that the same forces that now discourage us from using private cars were once instrumental in limiting and eliminating public transport options. This article aims to shed light on the hidden agenda behind these actions, highlighting the influence of various industries and their impact on our cities and daily lives.

The Impact of Commercialization and Privatization on Public Transport

The commercialization and privatization of public transport have had detrimental effects on its functionality as a public service. Bus and train lines, once considered essential for convenient and accessible transportation, have gradually transformed into profit-driven enterprises. This transformation has effectively coerced people into relying more heavily on their own cars, benefiting the car industry, which gladly supported these changes.

The Rise of Private Cars and the Neglect of Public Transport

The promotion of private cars as the primary mode of transportation has resulted in a shift away from public transport. However, the consequences of this transition extend beyond individual convenience. Rather than replacing one form of transport with another, the true intention appears to be immobilizing a significant portion of the population. The interests behind this movement seem more concerned with control and manipulation than with sustainable alternatives.

The Hypocrisy of Urban Transformation

The transformation of city centers has been a controversial topic in recent years. While some may argue in favor of modernization and Europeanization, the reality is far from ideal. The destruction of communal squares and the removal of long-standing greenery were not driven by the desires of local communities. Instead, it was the elite who imposed their vision, claiming to be environmentally conscious while disregarding the destruction of nature that had existed for generations.

Social Engineering Disguised as Environmentalism

The so-called “green squares and lawns” that were introduced by the same elite who destroyed natural greenery are more a product of social engineering than genuine environmental concerns. Trees planted in pots on streets during the pandemic, at exorbitant costs, serve as mere symbols, devoid of the true essence of eco-friendly urban planning. It is crucial to recognize this manipulation and distinguish between genuine sustainability efforts and the hidden agendas at play.

The Illusion of the “15-Minute Cities”

The recent popularity of the “15-Minute Cities” concept may seem enticing, promising accessibility and convenience within a short distance. However, this vision fails to address the realities of urban planning and the daily lives of its inhabitants. While residents may enjoy the luxury of walking to a nearby café, the baristas and cleaners who serve them often endure lengthy commutes using multiple electric buses. The concept itself originated as a response to issues faced by American cities, which historically relied on strict zoning, resulting in extensive travel and traffic congestion.


It is essential to recognize the hidden forces that shape our urban landscapes and transportation systems. The decline of public transport, the destruction of green spaces, and the rise of private cars are not accidental occurrences but rather the result of influential interests at work. By understanding the true motivations behind these changes, we can advocate for sustainable and inclusive urban planning that prioritizes the needs of communities over profit-driven agendas. Let us strive for a future where public transport thrives, and our cities are truly green and accessible to all.

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