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WEF Member’s Outlandish Demand: 94% Reduction in Human Population Urgently Required

In a bizarre turn of events, a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) has put forth an alarming proposition: a staggering 94% reduction in the global population is necessary to combat climate change and achieve the goals set for Agenda 2030. This shocking revelation comes from a WEF contributor who openly declared his life’s mission to ensure a drastic decrease in the number of souls inhabiting our planet.

Challenging the Status Quo: Sadhguru’s Radical Proposal

Discussing the dire need for extreme depopulation, Sadhguru, a prominent figure, hinted at the radical measures the global elite are willing to entertain. At a recent conference, he fielded a thought-provoking question on reducing the human footprint. His response was as audacious as it was unsettling: “you have to reduce the number of feet.”

Questioning the Norm: Sadhguru’s Provocative Insights

Sadhguru underscored the urgency of minimizing humanity’s impact on Earth, asserting that without a significant reduction in the human footprint, no solution to our myriad challenges is viable.

The Uncomfortable Truth: Addressing Overpopulation

According to Sadhguru, the root cause of all global woes lies in the sheer abundance of human beings. Urgent action is imperative to secure a better future for the select few who may survive the impending population culling.

Incentivizing Non-Procreation: A Startling Proposal

In a move that raises eyebrows, Sadhguru contemplates instituting an award for young, healthy women who opt out of childbirth. His rationale is stark: the population conundrum demands immediate attention, and voluntary reproductive restraint could be a crucial step in addressing it.

Political Echoes: WEF’s Influence on Policy

The WEF’s depopulation agenda seems to have seeped into the corridors of power, with figures like Kamala Harris echoing its sentiments. Recent remarks from the US Vice President hint at a tacit endorsement of Schwab’s population reduction strategy.

In a world where absurdity often mirrors reality, the notion of a 94% reduction in human population may seem like the plot of a dystopian novel. Yet, as voices like Sadhguru’s gain traction, one cannot help but wonder: are we hurtling towards a future where such drastic measures become not just conceivable, but inevitable? Only time will tell.

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