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WEF-Funded Journalist Who Pushed for Mandatory Vaccine Passports Dies Suddenly, Aged 33

A WEF-funded Canadian journalist who heavily pushed for mandatory vaccine-passports has died “suddenly and unexpectedly”, according to reports.

Earlier this week, Ian Vandaelle, a Canadian business journalist who was in his early thirties and said to be in good health, suddenly passed away.

The mainstream media has not mentioned any link between his unexpected death and the toxic mRNA shots, as is typically the case.

A 33-year-old journalist from Canada, who strongly supported the Covid-19 vaccine, spoke in favor of vaccine passports, and called for the dismissal of individuals who declined to get vaccinated, has passed away following hospitalization and being pronounced as having no brain function.

Ian Vandaelle, a 33-year-old Canadian business journalist, worked as a reporter and and editor at the Financial Post and was previously a producer at BNN Bloomberg for over a decade.

Stephanie Hughes, Vandaelle’s partner, shared the news of his death on her X account on December 5, 2023, stating, “I haven’t been on Twitter for a while because my partner, @IanVandaelle, has been in the hospital since Nov. 18. It’s with a heavy heart today that I say he was declared neurologically deceased this week and taken off life support this morning. He was 33 years old.”

Vandaelle has repeatedly used social media to support the idea of offering rewards to promote Covid-19 vaccination, introducing vaccine passports, and taking action against individuals who decline to receive the vaccine.

Vandaelle expressed in a single online message that they support using both rewards and punishments as motivation for people to get vaccinated. They suggested various incentives such as ice cream, lotteries, or any other means, without any specific preference. Additionally, Vandaelle proposed implementing a requirement for vaccination in order to engage in non-essential activities, such as going to a bar to watch a game, suggesting the use of a passport system.

In another post, he urged the Toronto Police to terminate members who declined the jab, saying, “Take the jab or resign; anything else is moral and ethical cowardice. You take an oath to protect citizens? You get vaxxed. Shameful that we have to say this.”

Vandaelle seemed in good health and actively engaged in work, as indicated by various social media posts before his hospitalization.

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