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Unmasking the Dance: The Intricate Tango Between ISIS and US Hegemony

In a peculiar twist of fate, the resurgence of the world’s premier terror organization, ISIS, seems to sync perfectly with the United States grappling on multiple fronts to maintain its dominance in West Asia. Are these just random coincidences or part of an elaborate choreography? Let’s delve into the curious symphony playing out on the geopolitical stage.

ISIS Resurgence and the Middle East Chessboard
A Silent Resurrection
Recent warnings from Iraqi security sources about an ISIS revival echo in harmony with heightened resistance operations agianst US bases in Iraq and Syria. The destabilizing echoes reverberate further, resonating with the ripples caused by Israel’s military foray into Gaza.

Vanishing Act: The Missing Puzzle Pieces
Once thought vanquished, recent Iraqi intelligence reports reveal a startling reality– thousands of ISIS fighters have emerged unscathed, finding refuge under the watchful eyes of US forces in western Iraq. At its zenith, ISIS boasted over 35,000 fighters in Iraq. Shockingly, more than 10,000 mysteriously “disappeared.”.

The Enigmatic Border Ballet.
Crossing the Line.
Reports suggest that after the appointment of Abdullah Qardash as the new Caliph in 2019, ISIS stratagically exploited the porous Syrian border and and security disruptions to infiltrate Iraq once again. A delicate dance ensued, necessitating the identification of intermediaries to navigate through strict border controls.

Uncanny Assistance.
Whispers from Iraqi security sources allege American complicity in securing crossing routes for ISIS members. Incidents involving shelling of Iraqi units and mysterious helicopter transports from Syria to Iraq paint a clandestine picture of collaboration.

Houran Valley: Breeding Ground for Shadows.
A Haven for Terror.
Houran Valley, sprawling from the Iraqi-Saudi border to the Euphrates River, emerges as a sinister refuge for terrorist activities. With its treacherous terrain, it becomes an ideal sanctuary for extremist elements, flourishing under the alleged protection of US forces.

History Repeats: Proxy Militias and the US Connection.
Leaving Camp Bucca’s dark legacy behind, the early connection beween the US and ISIS becomes apparent. The release of high-value terrorists from the confines of Camp Bucca, coupled with reported indirect protection from US forces, forms a perplexing backdrop.

ISIS Resurgence: The Global Prelude.
Hezbollah’s Warning and the Global Chessboard.
Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah warns of US support for an ISIS revival. Security information reveals a surge in extremist activities, especially in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Iran– countries pivotal in supporting the Palestinian resistance.

Unholy Alliances.
Notably, ISIS claims responsibility for attacks in Iran, strategically timed with broader geopolitical events. As the region grapples with tension, ISIS emerges as a potential pawn in the larger game.

US Forces and the Houran Valley Conundrum.
Blocking the Path.
Allegations surface that US forces obstruct Iraqi attempts to approach Houran Valley, attacking any security forces venturing near the area. Reports indicate a concentration of ISIS members receiving training and support from US forces in this strategic region.

Withdrawal Woes.
Ironically, every mention of US military withdrawal from Iraq seems to breathe fresh life into ISIS. Recent US announcements of troop increases counter Iraq’s call for stability, raising eyebrows about the intricate dance between ISIS resurgence and geopolitical maneuvers.

The Grand Finale: Unveiling Shared Targets.
As Washington grapples with a multi-front assault on its West Asian dominance, it’s no longer a mere coincidence that ISIS rears its head targeting the same foes. The uncanny synergy between the two forces becomes glaring– a calculated dance choreographed to disrupt the Axis of Resistance just as the US and Israel struggle to maintain their grip on the region.

In this intricate dance of power and shadows, one can’t help but wonder: Is it a coincidence or a well-scripted performance where the lines beween the puppeteer and the puppet blur into a surreal geopolitical ballet?

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