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Twitter might be removed from the App Store according to Apple’s latest threat

Twitter might be removed

Apple, a major player in the world of technology, has threatened to remove Twitter from its own AppStore if the social media network does not increase content filters.

Under the leadership of its new CEO, Elon Musk, Twitter relaxed its filtering standards and shifted its focus toward free expression.

This decision was not received well by many users.

After Phil Schiller, an official at Apple canceled his Twitter account for no apparent reason, Summit News reports that “speculation concerning app stores possibly targeting Twitter grew after Phil Schiller’s account.” It was only a few days after Twitter rolled back its decision to permanently ban Donald Trump that Schiller decided to delete his account. Aside from this, members of the social networking site Twitter noted that the official Apple accounts on Twitter deleted all of its posts, which the firm subsequently downplayed as “nothing new.”

According to Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News, “a significant portion of the panic seems to be on Musk enabling accounts that had previously been unjustly banned and suspended on the network.” These include the official Twitter accounts of the satirical news website Babylon Bee, the singer Kanye West, and Jordan Peterson, who had formerly worked as a lecturer at the University of Toronto.

A writer by the name of Clint Rainey, writing for the publication Fast Company, issued a warning that the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, who was born in South Africa, “is playing a hazardous game that might signal ballgame over for the platforms he just acquired.” He continued by saying, “Musk’s platforming of nasty speech might lead to the de-platforming of Twitter itself.”

According to what was said by Rainey, “as Twitter moves further in the path of unconstrained right-wing social applications,… the firm might be on a collision path with those app stores’ gatekeepers.”

Yoel Roth, a former head of Safety and Trust at Twitter, was quoted by a writer working for Fast Company. In an opinion piece that was published on November 18 in the New York Times, Roth said that it “would be disastrous” for Twitter to be banned from the Google Play store or Appstore. Roth also cited the most latest annual report of the firm, in which it was mentioned that the new product release goods are dependent on the gatekeepers teams at various app stores and that these teams may have an influence on the availability of the products.

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