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Keeping tabs on you by the purchases you make

Keeping tabs on you

Keeping tabs on you by the purchases you make and other actions you engage in as a customer. Every smartphone we purchase, every GPS gadget we download, every Twitter, Facebook, as well as Google account folks open, and every frequent buyer voucher we use for items purchased at the food store, the convenience store, the airways, or the shopping center.

Every debit and credit card we are using to pay for our purchases, we are helping Private Industry build a detailed report for its govt equivalents about who we know, what we believe, how we spend all our money, and also how we spend our time.

Consumer surveillance, which involves your behaviors and data being recorded and shared with marketers in the online and physical spheres, has become big business. The consumer surveillance industry is now a $300 billion dollar industry that regularly harvests your data for the purpose of making a profit. Corporations like Target have not only been monitoring and analyzing the behaviors of their customers, notably their buying habits, for many years, but the retail chain has also financially backed major monitoring in cities all over the country but instead developed behavioral monitoring algorithms that can determine whether or not someone’s mannerisms could perhaps meet the criteria of a thief.

Keeping tabs on you depending on the public activities you participate in: For the purpose of monitoring large numbers of individuals in an efficient manner, such as during demonstrations and rallies, private corporations and law enforcement agencies all over the country have collaborated to develop a system of surveillance that spans all of the country’s major cities and encompasses all of them.

They are also doing a significant amount of internet monitoring in order to check for any indications of “big public gatherings, civil upheaval, gang communications, and persons with a criminal predisposition.” Contractors in the defense industry are at the frontline of competition in this lucrative field.

Fusion centers, which have an annual budget of $330 million and serve as information-sharing centers for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to monitor and report “suspicious activity.” This includes people who buy pallets of mineral water, try to photograph federal buildings, or apply for a pilot’s license.

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