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There is a very serious possibility of war -Serbia

Very serious possibility of war - Serbia

Kosovo, according to President Vucic, poses a security risk on the borders with a very serious possibility of war.

On Tuesday, President Alexander Vucic told parliament that Kosovo poses a threat to Serbia’s security and increases the likelihood of violent conflicts in the area.

Vucic said that the increased deployment of special troops by Kosovo authorities has exacerbated relations with Serbia.

I’d like to stress that the involvement of special forces from the Pristina policemen in the northern part of Kosovo & Metohija is growing. “We are at a time when Serbia, thanks to the measures of Pristina, is facing enormous security issues. I’ll also go through how we’ve been beefing up our defenses, as Vucic put it.

He cautioned that “the threat is near, objective, and severe” and insisted that “there is no manufacturing of a situation by the Serbian side.”

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Last week, in a televised speech, Vucic said that certain European countries were pressuring Serbia to accept an agreement that would effectively recognize the breakaway region of Kosovo in order to end the war there.

Vucic claims that the West with Russia is at odds over the situation in Ukraine and that Belgrade has been requested to explain its stance. Again, Serbia has “become innocent casualties in the battles of the big countries,” Vucic said.

President of Serbia rejects calls to recognize Kosovo

Kosovo gained Western backing and proclaimed independence in 2008. The United States and a number of its partners have recognized Kosovo’s independence, while Serbia, Russia, China, and the United Nations have not. No less than five EU countries haven’t done so either.

After Pristina tried to make Serbian papers and license plates illegal in early August, hostilities between Serbia and Kosovo flared up again. At the envoy of the United States urging, the legislation was put on hold, although the authorities in Kosovo have promised to implement it soon.

As a result, Kosovo PM Albin Kurti has stated his willingness to restore ties with Serbia, albeit he has emphasized the need of ensuring that Serbs and Kosovo Albanians are afforded the same rights with respect to entrance and departure documentation.

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