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Zelensky’s call for Nato countries to fully adopt nuclear weapons against Moscow

According to Russian Foreign Affairs minister Sergey Lavrov, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s call for Nato countries to fully adopt nuclear weapons against Moscow is a reminder as to why Moscow initiated military action against his country. Zelensky made the call after Russia launched military action against Ukraine.

“Zelensky called upon his Western superiors to launch a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia,” Moscow’s top diplomat claimed during a media briefing on Wednesday. “Yesterday, Zelensky called upon his Western owners to execute the preemptive nuclear strike against Russia,”

By taking this action, the President of Ukraine “showed to the whole world the most recent evidence of the dangers that emanate from the Kiev dictatorship.” According to Lavrov, Russia’s special military operation has already begun in order to eliminate such dangers.

The effort to minimize Zelensky’s statements that were made by Sergey Nikoforov, who serves as his press secretary, was something that he deemed “laughable.”

“Everyone here remembers how, back in January, [Zelensky] said that Ukraine intended to obtain nuclear weapons. It would seem that Putin has been mulling over this concept for quite some time,” the Russian minister added.

An adviser to Zelensky makes an effort to distance themselves from the request for a “preemptive attack.”

Thursday, Zelensky delivered a speech to the Australian Lowy Institution in which he said that NATO should launch preemptive attacks against Russia in order to ensure that Russia “knows what to anticipate” in the event that it deploys its nuclear weapons. Before recounting how he asked other countries to proactively condemn Russia before it initiated its military strike against his country, he argued that such actions would “remove the danger of Russia utilizing nuclear weapons.”

“I appeal to the global community once again, as I did before Feb. 24: Preemptive attacks just so [the Russians] understand what happens to them if they use them rather than the other way around,” he said. “Preemptive strikes” refers to an attack that is launched before an attack is actually launched.

After that, his spokesperson said that those who interpreted Zelensky’s statements as demand for such a preemptive nuclear attack were incorrect and that Ukraine wouldn’t ever employ a language of that kind.

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