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The Truth Behind the Stigmatization of Observers of Reality

It has become increasingly clear that observing reality has become a taboo topic in society. The act of noticing basic facts about reality is now considered extremist behavior. Individuals who dare to reflect on the past and future patterns of these observations are now labeled as cranks.

However, the conspiracy theories that were once ridiculed are slowly becoming a reality. The phrase “conspiracy theory” was created to stigmatize those who noted the most obvious explanations of certain events. For example, the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The actual explanation for this event was labeled as gibberish, and the made-up nonsense became the official opinion.

Today, we see that Sensible Opinion Havers are everywhere.

They believe in Science, the Climate Crisis, or the Current Thing, and their emotions have been successfully attached to these symbols and beliefs through the propaganda sales technique. This is why cults such as the worship of violent criminals or the celebration of leering sexual fetishists cannot be deflated by facts and logic.

These beliefs are not based on facts or logic but instead function as psychological and emotional coping mechanisms for individuals who inhabit a world with no moral framework.

This nihilistic void is a terrifying place and its inhabitants are starved of meaning and consolation. These individuals are the energetic neurotic reservoirs that charge the symbols of the Current Thing. These crazes are manufactured and presented in the same way as genuine movements of grassroots sentiment.

The Current Thing’s function is to divide society into ingroups that can be readily manipulated and managed. It marginalizes individuals who resist group processes such as mass hysteria and fear of pandemics. The system of emotional management, conducted through mass media, penalizes prudent circumspection and judgment while privileging childish tantrums over sober reflection.

This mechanism can be openly observed because it represents an identifiable pattern.

The behavior of its subjects is also patterned, as is the conditioned response to the outsiders it creates. The resultant legitimization of hatred for a specific group offers the Current Thing Believer a release for all their resentments that confers a sense of virtue. It is the Noble Hate.

Noticing things is now considered hateful behavior.

It is labeled as racist, homophobic, transphobic, climate-denying, anti-Semitic, and fascist. These labels are shameless attempts to make any objection to evil seem evil. The labels above are commonly applied to individuals seeking to protect children from sexual predators or the unborn from murder. They are also smeared onto anyone who raises concerns about the aggressive dismantling of their way of life.

The truth is that those who observe reality and the patterns of behavior in society are ostracized and ridiculed for their delusions.

This is a system of management that tends towards increasing instability, promoting a kind of mental illness along with emotional incontinence that is easily triggered by words. As a society, we must recognize this pattern and question why it is occurring. We must understand that observing reality is not a crime and is essential for progress and development.

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