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The Truth Behind Moderna and Pfizer COVID Vaccines: Unveiling DNA Contamination

Amidst the fervor of COVID-19 vaccination, startling revelations have emerged. Moderna, a frontrunner in the vaccine race, acknowledged an unsettling truth. Their experimental COVID-19 vaccines harbor billions of DNA fragments. Dr. Robert Malone, in a pivotal appearance at the “Injuries Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines” hearing led by Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, laid bare Moderna’s revelation. He underscored that Moderna’s mRNA jab vials contain not just RNA but also DNA fragments and contaminants with alarming links to birth defects and cancer.

The Eye-Opening Revelation
Moderna’s Patent: Unveiling Disturbing Insights
Dr. Malone elucidated that within Moderna’s patent lies a paradox. While acknowledging RNA’s superiority over DNA in vaccines due to associated risks, the very mRNA injection by Moderna, administered to millions, is tainted with DNA. THe company’s own patent echoes concerns about DNA’s risks, including the activation of oncogenes or the inactivation of tumor suppressor genes due to insertional mutagenesis.

The Patent and Contradictions
DNA Contamination: A Known Truth
Moderna’s patent on RNA for vaccines conspicuously highlights DNA’s status as a contaminant. Dr. Malone emphasized Moderna’s knowledge of DNA’s presence and its potential risks. The company’s process involves using DNA to create RNA, but the purification process falls short, leaving remnants of DNA in the final product.

Pfizer’s Revelation: A Parallel Narrative
Echoes of DNA Contamination in Pfizer’s mRNA Jab
The alarming discoveries extend to Pfizer’s COVID mRNA injection. Scientists scrutinized unopened vials of Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccines, finding a disconcerting presence of DNA fragments in RNA preparations. These fragments, including sequences from Simian Virus 40 (SV40), bear an antibiotic resistance gene and active promoter sequences – elements deemed risky for human use.

Regulatory Oversights and Concealment
Omissions and Regulatory Oversight
Startlingly, regulatory bodies overlooked critical details. Pfizer’s documentation to U.S., European, and Canadian regulators concealed the presence of SV40 sequences, raising questions about transparency and safety. The FDA’s reliance on provided data without independent verification led to crucial omissions, now brought to light by diligent researchers.

The Implications: Potential Risks and Concealed Truths
Consequences of DNA Contamination
The repercussions loom large. Dr. Malone underlined the potential risks for vaccine recipients, emphasizing associations between DNA damage and grave outcomes like birth defects and cancer. The awareness of this concerning reality, held at high echelons within both Moderna and Pfizer, raises ethical and safety concerns for the millions who received these vaccines.

The uncovered revelations cast a shadow over the integrity of vaccine production and regulatory oversight, prompting critical questions about public safety and informed consen

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