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The Simpsons Got It RIGHT – SPOOKY

Get ready to witness time and time again how the Simpsons got it right, Absolutely SPOOKY, or Is it? Do you remember when Homer attempted to vote for Barack Obama in the general election of the United States in 2008 on “The Simpsons,” but a malfunction in the voting machine prevented him from doing so?

After those 4 years, a voting system in Pa had to be taken out of service because it kept switching votes of people for President Obama to votes for Mitt Romney, who was Obama’s Republican opponent.

In the episode “Itchy & Scratchy and Marge,” which aired in 1990, the citizens of Springfield were shown protesting over Michelangelo’s sculpture of David is shown in the local museum. They claimed that the artwork was offensive since it depicted a naked man.

In July 2016, Russian campaigners voted on whether or not to dress a duplicate of the Renaissance figure that had been placed up in the center of St. Petersburg. The vote was intended to be a satire of censorship, but it ended up becoming a reality.

In an edition of “The Simpsons” that aired in 1991, Ringo Star from The Beatles was shown working hard to respond to fan letters that had been addressed decades earlier.

In the show “Homer at the Bat” from 1992, Mr. Burns attempts to recruit major-league baseball professionals for his softball club. One of the players he pursues is Don Mattingly, who was playing first base for the New York Yankees at the time.

In the episode “$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)” from 1993, The Simpsons made a parody of the entertainers Siegfried and Roy. During the course of the program, the magicians are brutally attacked by a domesticated white tiger as they are performing at a casino.

In 2003, one of Siegfried and Roy’s white tigers, Montecore, attacked Siegfried Horn of Siegfried & Roy during a live performance they were doing. The attack left Roy with significant injuries, yet he managed to survive it.

Mattingly winds up being sent to the bench because Mr. Burns’s policy on the acceptable length of a teammate’s sideburns was not adhered to. This truly took place in real life with the captain of the Yankees.

In 1991, Yankees boss George Steinbrenner gave Don Mattingly a fine of $250 and benched him for the rest of the season because Mattingly did not adhere to Steinbrenner’s regulation about the length of his hair.

Mattingly actually recorded his parts for the series a month before his confrontation with Steinbrenner. When the show aired one year later, everyone believed “The Simpsons” was imitating the event. However, it came out that Mattingly had taped his lines for the show a month before.

When she was the Lunchlady at Springfield Elementary in 1994, Doris employed “assorted horse parts” to cook the pupils’ lunches.

After nine years, the Irish Food Safety Authority discovered horse DNA in more than one-third of beefburger specimens from grocers and ready meals, including pig DNA in 85 percent of the samples.

In an edition of “The Simpsons” which first aired in 1994, two school bullies named Kearny and Dolph read a note on a Newton gadget that instructs them to “beat up Martin.” The letter was rapidly translated to mean “eat up Martha,” which was an early indication of the problems that may be caused by autocorrect.

According to Fast Company, “The Simpsons” was making fun of Apple’s lackluster Newton, which had recently been introduced and contained poor handwriting recognition. Newton is considered to be the ancient ancestor of the iPhone.

According to Nitin Ganatra, a former head of engineering iOS apps at Apple, this particular scene from “The Simpsons” provided motivation to make the iPhone keyboard perfect. Ganatra made this statement in an interview with Fast Company.

In an episode that first aired in 1995, “The Simpsons” presented the concept of a watch that could also function as a phone. This was over 20 years before Apple unveiled its smartwatch.

The episode from 1995 titled “Lisa’s Wedding” had a number of surprise forecasts at the time. During Lisa’s journey to London, we catch a glimpse of a building across Tower Bridge that strikingly resembles The Shard and is even situated in the same general area as The Shard.

After a further 14 years, construction on the skyscraper finally began in 2009.

In the universe of “The Simpsons,” it is revealed in the episode “Lisa’s Wedding” that robots have taken the role of human librarians.

And over 20 years later, robotic students at the University of Aberystwyth constructed a model for a walking library robot. At the same time, engineers in Singapore have begun testing their very own robot librarians.

In the episode from 1998 titled “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace,” Homer Simpson is transformed into an inventor and is shown standing in front of a chalkboard with a difficult equation written on it.

The creator of “The Simpsons & their Mathematical Secrets,” Simon Singh, claims that the equation accurately predicts the mass of the Higgs boson particle. In 1964, Professor Peter Higgs with five other physicists made the initial prediction of the Higgs boson; nevertheless, it was not until 2013 that researchers uncovered evidence of the Higgs boson in an experiment that cost £10.4 billion ($13 billion).

Just look at this SPOOKY “The Simpsons got it right” video, of WHY things are today and HOW they KNEW it would HAPPEN.

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