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The Omicron Testing Fraud

The Omicron Testing Fraud

Breaking down the Omicron testing fraud and how it works to provide the illusion of more cases by David Icke. So, let’s get to that video shown below.

Well, they just BANNED that video clip, so I posted the link to David’s website with that banned video. Here It is!

They will do ANYTHING to stop the TRUTH… But we will continue to share information with you, no matter how controversial or demonized by those trying to control us.

Here are some topics that will raise your blood pressure:

The Rush to Authoritarianism

Vaccine Passport Permanently Embedded Into Your Hand

Masks Were Used as Torture Tools at Guantanamo Bay

Ok, and this one that will PISS you off… Everyone MUST Get Booster Shots According to CDC

A survey released the other day found that only 28% of Americans know the lethal consequences of mRNA … Do You Know The Lethal Consequences Of mRNA?

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