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The Next Concept Is Difficult for Most People to Accept

The Next Concept

The next concept that I want to get across to people who really think about it and understand it will change the way they view the world, as this comes from economics, but it’s very, very difficult for most people to accept.

In the economy, when a recession or depression occurs that is NOT the crisis.  When it occurs, every magazine, Every mainstream media shouts crisis, crisis, crisis… What is actually happening is the cure…

 The crisis is the moment that the FED starts counterfeiting money. That’s the crisis, The Cure is when it all falls apart. Why is that?

 It’s because you cannot have a counterfeit economy, now let’s take this concept to foreign policy and look at what is happening in Afghanistan 20 years later, this is considered the crisis.

8 Booster Shots For Covid The Next Concept

 The actual crisis was in 2001 when the US invaded Afghanistan that’s when the Crisis began, today we are seeing the effects of it, and why? because you cannot go across the world and remake totally different societies.

The Next Concept applies now to covid

The moment that 15 days to flatten whatever they were talking about flattening that was the crisis and when Liberty was conceded. So now we’re two years later and they do not want to let go, no matter what.

The return to truth is painful but that’s the Cure, that’s not the crisis no matter how painful it is, we have to go through it in order to get back to reality.

So, all these situations that I just listed have the same lesson attached to them… NEVER sacrifice your Liberty because that is the real crisis...

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