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SpaceX and China are at it Again

SpaceX and China are fighting again

Yep, SpaceX and China are at it again, this time in space, the Chinese administration submitted a grievance with the UN regarding “Deep Space Matters”, alleging that its own spaceport station needed to take evasive measures in order to evade Starlink satellites from crashing into their station on a couple of occasions this year.

For The First Time, Astronauts Have Entered China's Orbiting Space Station

The grievance, lodged with the UN previously this month, states that a Starlink satellite during April went down from its own routine trajectory or orbit of 555 km just above our planet to 382 km (237 miles) ?? — way too close to a trajectory of about 390 km or (242 miles). This adjustment in trajectory helped make a crash conceivable, and Beijing claimed the crew of CSS was compelled to “carry out an evasive tactical maneuver” in order to prevent that accident from happening.

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