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Unveiling the Dark Secrets of Geneva: A Call for Justice against Globalist Elites

In recent developments that have sent shockwaves through the world, a Swiss official and a distinguished health expert have demanded the arrest of prominent globalist figures, including Klaus Schwab, on allegations of “democide.” Pascal Najadi, a top banker, has partnered with Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger to push for criminal prosecutions against those responsible for what they describe as “bioweapons.” Their revelations come to light in a groundbreaking documentary titled “Cutting off the Head of the Snake.” This article explores the shocking claims made in this documentary and delves into the shadowy world of globalist organizations headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Najadi Connection:

One of the central figures in this exposé is Pascal Najadi, a retired Swiss business banker with extensive global influence. Najadi’s late father, Hussain Najadi, was reportedly involved in the co-founding of the World Economic Forum (WEF), alongside Chairman Klaus Schwab. It’s crucial to note that Hussain Najadi met a tragic end in 2013. Pascal Najadi’s clout extended to the extent that he played a pivotal role in the resignation of Switzerland’s President Alain Berset. This resignation occurred after Najadi filed a criminal lawsuit against Berset, accusing him of making misleading statements about the effectiveness of Covid mRNA vaccines. As a result of Najadi’s actions, Berset will step down from his role as the nation’s leader at the end of this year.

Hussain Najadi’s Disdain for the WEF:

In the documentary, Pascal Najadi sheds light on his late father’s strong aversion to the Geneva-based WEF. Hussain Najadi severed his ties with the organization in the early 1980s, leaving Klaus Schwab at the helm. According to Pascal Najadi, the root of all evil related to “democide” is found in Geneva, with the presence of organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), GAVI (Bill Gates’s Vaccine Alliance), and the WEF. He goes a step further and unequivocally declares that the WEF should no longer enjoy diplomatic immunity. He urges Swiss authorities to arrest those responsible for advocating a “global humanity injection by a bioweapon.” In Najadi’s view, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Bill Gates, the WEF, the WHO, and other globalist entities are complicit in this scheme, and he and his mother are victims of these “bioweapons.”

Astrid Stuckelberger’s Concerns:

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, on the other hand, highlights a syndrome affecting not only Geneva but also the United Nations. She points out a palpable fear among the people, leading to a silence that she believes is detrimental to global awareness and action. Dr. Stuckelberger draws attention to the fact that the Swiss government granted immunity to Gates’s Global Alliance for Vaccine Immunization (GAVI). She urges the public to verify this information in the Swiss database and characterizes the push for Covid shots as a coup d’état. According to her, the situation in Geneva is in stark contrast to the principles of a “We the People” movement, which she seeks to build. She emphasizes the importance of having a healthy doubt in science and underscores the need to bring little pieces of evidence to the public with humility.

A Call to Action:

Najadi and Stuckelberger’s message throughout the documentary is clear and resonant: individuals must stand up, seek the truth, and challenge the status quo to protect humanity against the imminent danger emanating from Geneva. They call for a collective awakening, urging the masses to rise against the injustices perpetuated by unelected globalists. “The snakehead is in Geneva,” Najadi declares, calling it a direct, clear, and present danger to the Swiss population. They emphasize that change requires a collective spirit and that the masses must unite to say, “Stop. We will not comply.”


The claims made by Pascal Najadi and Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger in the documentary “Cutting off the Head of the Snake” present a disturbing narrative of globalist elites and their alleged involvement in “democide.” While these allegations are highly contentious and have ignited significant controversy, they serve as a stark reminder of the importance of transparency, accountability, and the need to seek the truth. The call to action presented by Najadi and Stuckelberger resonates not only with the Swiss population but with individuals worldwide, emphasizing the importance of questioning, investigating, and standing up against any perceived injustices that threaten humanity.

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