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The federal government of the United States is threatening an Amish farm because the farmers there refuse to relinquish their traditional farming methods

Nearly three decades have passed since the founding of Miller’s Organic Farm, which may be found in the secluded Amish community of Bird-in-Hand, Pa.

The proprietor of the farm, Amos Miller, claims that he is making food in the manner that God chose; however, the government of the USA does not see things in a similar light.

The farm sells everything including grass-fed cattle and cheese to unpasteurized milk including chicken eggs, milk of grass-fed buffalo to various sorts of fruit, and every one of these items is sold to approximately 4,000 subscribers of a private food membership that pay premium prices for high-quality natural foods.

Participants of such private food teams value their ability to obtain their own food from an unbiased farmer who does not process his dairy products and meat at facilities operated by the US Department of Agriculture. These facilities dictate that food be prepared in forms that Miller’s Organic Homestead believes reduce the food’s nutritional value.

The proprietor of the property, Amos Miller, believes that he is making food in the manner that God wanted; however, the administration of the United States does not share this viewpoint.

Subsequently, they dispatched armed federal officers to the property with the instruction that he stop all operations immediately. The state is also considering fining the farmer upwards of $300,000, an amount that is so high that it could knock the ranch out of business if it were ever imposed.

Just 240 kilometers (150 miles) from the nation’s capital there is an assault on the religious liberty of the Amish people.

Miller’s farmland does not utilize gas or fertilizer, rendering it free. As a result, the conflict between Ukraine and Moscow is not harming Miller’s bottom line, in contrast to any other agricultural competition in the region.

Miller is not reliant on the industry’s major players or even the governments, and he is delivering nutritious food to his people in the manner that he feels God wanted. The government tries to coerce him into closing his business and put him in fear.

If you think that the Amish should have been allowed to practice their religious beliefs plus maintain their capacity to supply nutritious food for their communities, then you should support this position.

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