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The Controversy Surrounding Biden’s Stance on Transgenderism for Children

Explore the divisive opinions surrounding President Joe Biden’s approach to transgenderism for children, analyzing concerns over gender-affirming treatments, the backlash against parental fears, and the questionable evidence supporting such practices.

In recent times, President Joe Biden has found himself embroiled in controversy due to his stance on transgenderism for children. Ahead of the “pride month” celebration at the White House, Biden took the opportunity to criticize adults who express concerns about so-called “gender-affirming” treatments. However, his comments have sparked intense debate, with many questioning the potential risks and long-term consequences associated with these treatments. This article delves into the arguments on both sides, shedding light on the concerns of parents and others who oppose transgenderism for children.

Biden’s Criticism and the Dismissal of Parental Concerns

Labeling Concerned Individuals as “Hysterical”

During a public address, President Biden dismissed those worried about the far-left’s promotion of gender-affirming treatments as “hysterical” and “prejudiced” individuals. This move raised eyebrows, as it seemed to delegitimize the concerns of parents and others who believe that hormone therapy and puberty blockers might not be appropriate for confused children.

Promising Support and Dismissing Opposition

In a bid to reassure a transgender child’s family, Biden offered his backing and even requested their contact information. This gesture aimed to convey that the president stands firmly behind those who advocate for gender-affirming treatments, even going so far as to describe opposing legislation as “terrible,” “cruel,” and “close to sinful.” However, critics argue that such dismissive language fails to address the valid concerns surrounding the irreversible consequences and potential risks associated with these treatments.

Assessing the Evidence and Concerns

Florida’s Ban on “Gender-Affirming” Treatments

Florida recently passed a law, S.B. 254, formally prohibiting the use of gender-affirming treatments on minors. This action was taken after a report from Florida Medicaid, which deemed these treatments as “experimental and investigational” due to their irreversible consequences, lack of conclusive evidence on mental health benefits, and potential infertility or sterility caused by the procedures. The report also criticized the methodology of studies supporting these treatments, noting biases and low-quality data.

Questioning the Human Experimentation on Children

Gerald Posner’s opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal raised concerns about the nature of “gender-affirming” care for children, referring to it as a “human experiment on children and teens.” Posner highlighted that puberty blockers, a common component of such treatments, have not received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating gender dysphoria. This lack of FDA approval raises questions about the long-term effects and safety of these interventions.


The debate surrounding President Biden’s position on transgenderism for children remains highly contentious. While he has staunchly supported gender-affirming treatments, critics argue that dismissing parental concerns and the lack of robust evidence supporting these treatments is cause for alarm. Balancing the desire to support transgender individuals with the need to prioritize the well-being and long-term health of children is a complex challenge. A thoughtful and evidence-based approach is necessary to ensure that the best interests of all parties involved are carefully considered and addressed.

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