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The Consequential Lies during the COVID Pandemic: A Call for Accountability

Explore the widespread lies and their consequences during the COVID pandemic, particularly regarding vaccine mandates. Discover how public health officials misled the public and the urgent need for accountability in our institutions.

It is no secret that politicians and bureaucrats are prone to dishonesty. However, what sets the COVID pandemic apart is the alarming frequency and impact of the lies that unfolded during this global crisis. Recent revelations have shed light on a significant falsehood that formed the basis for vaccine mandates, and disturbingly, it was known to public health officials. This article delves into the evidence and its implications, emphasizing the urgent need for a substantive reckoning and accountability within our public health institutions and government.

The Deception Behind Vaccine Mandates: Unveiling the Truth

CDC Director’s Email Exposes Contradictory Statements

The Great TV Deception: Don’t Believe the Screen!

In a shocking turn of events, recently obtained emails through a Freedom of Information Act request have brought to light the contradictory actions of CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and former NIH Director Francis Collins. These correspondences revealed discussions of “breakthrough cases” of COVID in January 2021, just as the vaccines were becoming widely available. Walensky acknowledged the significance of this issue in her email, citing an important study and assuring the recipient that Dr. Anthony Fauci was part of the conversation. Did the Amish Achieve Herd Immunity Naturally? Challenging COVID Narratives

Public Deception and Misleading Statements

Contrary to the private conversations, Walensky made public statements that painted a different picture. Two months after acknowledging the breakthrough cases, she stated that vaccinated individuals “don’t carry the virus” and “don’t get sick.” When it became evident that vaccinated individuals could still contract and spread the virus, she defended her previous statements by claiming they were true only for the early 2021 strains.

It is now clear that Walensky was aware that her claims were false, but she continued to advocate for vaccine mandates nonetheless. Jay Bhattacharya, a respected professor at the Stanford School of Medicine, described this revelation as “stunning.” While mistakes are forgivable in isolation, the push for vaccine mandates despite knowledge of breakthrough cases is indefensible. The deliberate deception of the public exacerbates the severity of this scandal.

Unveiling the Lack of Justification for Vaccine Mandates

The Failure of Vaccine Mandates

If the COVID-19 vaccine truly halted the spread of the virus, as Dr. Fauci had explained, then the implementation of vaccine mandates could be seen as a controversial yet justifiable public health measure. However, it is evident that the vaccines did not have such a dramatic impact. Instead, their primary benefit lay in reducing the severity of infections and saving lives. Consequently, the justification for imposing vaccine mandates collapses.

Consequences of Misguided Mandates

Despite this lack of justification, the Biden administration attempted to enforce vaccine mandates on employers, resulting in the dismissal of thousands of individuals from their jobs. In some major cities, unvaccinated individuals were even denied entry to restaurants. These policies were based on a lie and have had far-reaching consequences for individuals and businesses alike.


The COVID pandemic has exposed a web of lies and distortions that extended across various aspects, including vaccines, masks, schools, and economic aid. The impact on public trust in our institutions has been significant. It is crucial that those in positions of power acknowledge their misdeeds, commit to rectifying their actions, and act differently in future crises. Failure to do so will only exacerbate the erosion of institutional trust. The urgent need for a substantive reckoning and accountability within our public health institutions and government cannot be overstated. Let us hope that we witness the necessary changes sooner rather than later.

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