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Telegram Founder Exposes Tech Tyranny: Apple & Google More Menacing Than Governments

In a world where digital overlords reign supreme, Pavel Durov, the brain behind the messaging behemoth Telegram, takes a stand against the Silicon Valley titans. His words, a clarion call for digital freedom, cut through the noise of censorship and control.

Tech Titans vs. Governments: The Battle for Supremacy

In a recent tête-à-tête with Tucker Carlson, Durov didn’t mince words. He lambasted the tech giants, Apple and Google, accusing them of playing Big Brother with our smartphones. According to him, these digital oligarchs wield more power than governments, dictating what we can and cannot consume in the digital realm.

The Iron Grip of Silicon Valley

Durov’s bold claims didn’t stop there. He revealed receiving ominous warnings from both ends of the American political spectrum following the tumultuous events of January 6, 2021, when chaos erupted at the US Capitol. Both Democrats and Republicans came knocking, demanding access to Telegram’s treasure trove of data. But here’s the kicker—they threatened legal action, citing violations of the sacred US Constitution if their demands weren’t met.

A Tale of Two Letters: Political Circus in the Digital Age

Picture this: Two letters arrive at Telegram’s doorstep, each carrying the weight of political posturing. The Democrats demand data, waving the Constitution like a cudgel. Meanwhile, the Republicans, in a stunning display of bipartisan hypocrisy, warn of dire consequences should Telegram comply. Caught in the crossfire of political theatrics, Durov stands firm, refusing to bend the knee to their digital despotism.

Apple and Google: Lords of the Digital Realm

But the real villains of this digital saga? None other than Apple and Google. Durov pulls no punches, painting them as the puppet masters of our digital lives. Their guidelines, euphemistically termed as “compliance,” serve as a thinly veiled threat. Toe the line, or face banishment from their app stores—the modern-day equivalent of exile.

Conclusion: The Fight for Digital Freedom

As the battle lines are drawn in the digital sand, Durov stands as a beacon of resistance. His words echo through the corridors of power, challenging the status quo and demanding accountability from the digital elite. In a world where freedom hangs in the balance, the fight for digital sovereignty has never been more crucial. Join the revolution or risk being silenced by the whims of Silicon Valley overlords.

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