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The Battle Between Life and Death: Exposing the Horrific Truth Behind Biological Weapons

If you think about the miracle of conception, which I would attribute to a divine gift. This is God’s gift that a woman can create a child inside her own body, obviously, with the help of a man. She can, with God’s grace, create a life and then give birth to a child who grows up to contribute to this world. It’s an absolute miracle of creation. And if you understand the physiology of what happens during gestation, you understand that cells are being assembled. Biological information is being organized. There is purpose, there’s the structure, the creation of cells, and then little tiny organs, and then organ systems. And then brain cells and neural networks start to be constructed. A child that’s born is born with a neural network that is actually a reflection of the most powerful computing system if you want to put it that way. That’s more powerful than Skynet more powerful than any AI system in the world. And it’s a gift from God. So if you think about it as assembling molecules and more, to create a divine being, that’s the process of gestation, and then giving birth.

There’s a subset of society that focuses on the study of human disintegration. This field is referred to as biological weapons. Unlike traditional poisons or toxins, these weapons don’t harm through exposure to substances like mercury or VX nerve gas. Instead, they target the cells from within, going against the essence of life and creation. To understand the severity of this technology, it’s crucial to examine a resource like “The Wuhan Cover-Up” book, which delves into the frightening bio-weapons arms race. It’s availaible on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and eventually,, where we receive a small commission.

According to Francis Boyle, the truth about Wuhan will expose the collaborative efforts of US and Chinese officials and their paide scientists to spread misinformation about COVID-19’s origins, specifically the claim that it spontaneously emerged from the Wuhan wet market. Kennedy’s book will supply the necessary evidence for legal professionals to hold these individuals responisble for their role in this massive criminal act against humanity, akin to the Nuremberg trials.

I love that quote from Professor Boyle. Wow. And that’s his wish, by the way is to one day hold all of these people accountable, charge them, prosecute them, for the crimes they have committed against humanity. And I have to say I completely agree. Let me read you one more quote here, at least part of it from Dr. Andrew Huff, well, PhD, author of The Truth About Wuhan, who I interviewed in the Brighteon studio. He says the greatest tragedy in human history has unfolded before our eyes. I was not surprised to learn that a deadly virus SARS-cov2 had leaked out of a laboratory in Wuhan, China in the late summer of 2019. In retrospect, I was shocked that the US government did not notify and alert the public of the global spread of COVID in the fall of 2019. In fact, the US government did something far worse. Bobby’s book succinctly elucidates how and why the opaque nexus of the US military and intelligence community leveraged corrupt and morally deficient scientists and bureaucrats to execute what was the largest and most sophisticated psychological operation in world history. The three goals were simple, he says, to obfuscate the true origin of a jointly created biological weapon by the US and China, to bring an untested, mRNA based medical countermeasure rapidly to market for civilian use, and to instill fear into the population for dominance and control. Bobby’s book concisely and eloquently exposes these horrendous inconvenient truths.

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