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Takeout Order for Six Pounds of Baloney

“Hey John, I need a takeout order for six pounds of baloney.”

“Okay. Do you want the less expensive option?

“No, no. This relates to the referendum that will take place soon. I can’t go without the reputable brand.”

“Are you spreading lies about your rival, or are you attempting to portray the imbecile within your own party seem better?”

“All of those.”

“Alright, that wraps up the Special. I am obligated to place the order. It will require 3 days to complete.”

Both fads and parodies come and go over time.

Today, you get THE 5 STAGES OF…

Therefore, I’ll chime in with my personal 5 phases of development.

ONE: The notion of fabricating nonsense first came to you.

TWO: You choose a topic that you’re going to weave nonsense around, and then you do it.

THREE: You’re the one who makes it up.

FOUR: You address all aspects of the problem.

FIVE: You market it to an audience that is eager for it.

However, this is still nonsense.

In the realm of propaganda, the relevance of the “important” subject that a piece of propaganda is packaged around determines the worth of the misinformation itself. Take, for instance, the shift in climate.

Bring yourself in closer. Here is the key to the puzzle. Now for the tricky part. When it is done well, the problem ITSELF is not relevant, to begin with, After you’ve made the sale, you’ll be able to embellish it with numerous additional layers of nonsense.

“Even if it’s a serious problem, the ridiculousness that’s been piling up around it is pitiful,” she said, but worth it.

Just remember that a skilled professional is one who is able to tell lies inside lies. Because of this, he pulls in a very sizable wage.

Take racism. It is now referred to as the WHITE PEOPLE, and EVERY SINGLE WHITE PERSON IS A RACIST. That’s the crux of the matter. It is presented in terms that are applicable to everyone. No exclusions. It’s a load of hooey.

The next theory is known as critical race theory, and it’s a tonne of supermarket hogwash that’s devoted to describing why and how all white folks are racists, as well as what can be done about it.

Then, say, Well, white folks are racists all the time.

What about this alternative? “Without a doubt, the virus exists, and it moves quickly from one individual to the next, like a bolt of lightning. However, the number of fatalities has been grossly inflated, and the security measures weren’t the obvious answer.

Because the virus does not exist, the mortality rate & lockdowns are both a fabrication, at the core of the fabrication is the number of deaths. It has never been isolated (identified), and each alleged indication of COVID may be interpreted independently of connection to any virus.

When conducting clandestine intelligence operations, one must sometimes disclose the outermost layer of bullshit, which is referred to as baloney. AS A Strategic plan OF “CONFESSION.” “Yes, we made errors after we executed X, Y, and Z. However, this was something that had to be done… back peddle a bit to make them feel better.

Acknowledge that you caused some of the issues, and the general public is more confident that they have the whole picture now.

Listen, we have voices that have been silenced even though they have the right to speak. We should not have been so combative. We are sorry for the inconvenience, and we will work to improve it. We are bringing back some of the accounts that were previously erased… are you following so far?

Social networking site continues to restrict a substantial number of user accounts. Because of political considerations. They did not remove the central core of baloney, but they did expose just a few slices of the outer layer.

Another one is shown here. In a recent piece that we published about climate change, we made reference to landfills, and it’s possible that our writing gave the idea that these horrifying piles of rubbish pose “a greater danger.” This was not what we intended at all. We were emphasizing the risks connected with global warming are far more than the risks that are presented by landfills…

Incinerators at the leading edge of technology may bring landfill capacity down by as much as 90 %. These processing factories, including their filtered smokestacks, discharge compounds into the environment that are MUCH LESSER OF A PROBLEM than the entire amount of waste that is accumulating in enormous landfills all over the globe.

On the other hand, extreme environmentalists are not interested in that answer, and never will be. They seek nothing less than the complete and utter destruction of the natural world, with the ultimate goal of forcing people living on a planet with no inhabitants to revert to surviving in the forests and foraging for bulbs and tubers. Often referred to as “the natural existence.”

Misleading news is encased and presented in false information.

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