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Take Some Time Off for Yourself – Start Feeling Better

A number of studies show that once you Take Some Time Off for Yourself, you will start to feel a lot better. Stress may lead to physiological changes in your body that expedite the aging process.

The surge of hormones cortisol and adrenaline causes both an increase in blood pressure as well as a quickening of the heart rate. Chronic dosages of cortisol or adrenaline may take a significant toll on both your physical and mental health, particularly in today’s world when it seems as if stress will never end (a never-ending stream of work demands, traffic jams, and money troubles, for example).

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According to Herbert Benson, M.D., author of The Muscle Relaxation and founding member and director of the Benson-Henry Research center for Mind-Body Medicine in Boston, “sixty to ninety % of all general practitioners’ visits every year are associated with anxiety, depression, intense rage and hostility, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, and heart attacks — all problems triggered by stress.” “Sixty to 93 percent of all physician’ visits each year are related to

Meditating, or engaging in what Dr. Benson refers to as “the relaxation response,” is the most efficient method for putting a stop to this damaging series of events. A mantra may be a word, tone, phrase, or prayer, and the process entails repeating the mantra for as little as ten minutes every day.

How to proceed: Sit in a peaceful area once or twice a day for ten to twenty minutes, shut your eyes, relax your muscles, rotate your head, neck, and shoulders, and do deep breathing during the whole process. Repeat your mantra with each and every breath. In the event that other ideas attempt to intrude, Dr. Benson recommends that you tell yourself, “Oh well,” and then return to the word or phrase you were focusing on. After you have completed everything, be sure to keep your eyes closed for an additional minute while you gently let ordinary ideas into your head. Are you still not interested in the concept of meditation?

Instead of sitting around doing nothing, do something physical and repetitious like jogging or yoga. Get your mental to-do list out of your brain and concentrate on your breathing and the way your feet fall at the end of each stride, as recommended by Dr. Benson.

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