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Some Horrifying Statistics on People who had Boosters


The nation’s official source of statistics information in the United Kingdom the ONS has released some horrifying statistics on people who had boosters.

According to the findings, 1 person in every 310 who had the booster shot, passed away within 48 days after receiving the immunization.

The vaccinations against covid-19 do not protect against infection, do not prevent transmission, and do not protect against death. Not only is this mRNA innovation been unsuccessful, but it has also resulted in an enormous number of incapacitating adverse effects among the general population, and it represents a significant risk to the continued existence of the human species. Practically EVERY Medical Procedure Has Adverse Effects.

Increased numbers of people are passing away at an alarming rate in the UK.

Characteristics related to the risk of mortality with coronavirus (COVID-19) among patients getting a booster vaccine is the title of the data collection that was released on September 8th, 2022. According to the information shown in Table 1, 62,801 of the people who had a booster injection by the 31st of December 2021 ended up passing away. The typical amount of time that passed after a person had a booster shot before they passed away was around seven weeks or forty-eight days.

Has anyone asked this question – If vaccinations are so great – why the heavy promotion?

People who take only 3 doses of the Pfizer & Moderna covid-19 vaccinations cause an abnormal quantity of inflammation in their bodies. This inflammation is caused by the unexpected and uncontrolled production of spike protein in the cells of these people’s bodies.

Those who choose not to be vaccinated are setting themselves up for an early death, which might result from a compromised immune system or cardiovascular failure, amongst other major health problems.

Within one and a half months after becoming vaccinated, a staggering number of individuals are losing their lives. The number of articles published in the media regarding the “sudden and unexpected” deaths of young people has increased around the world.

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