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And so it begins – In recent developments, educational institutions in Kentucky and Texas have taken the unprecedented step of closing their doors due to a significant upswing in COVID-19 cases within their respective areas.

Lee County School District and Magoffin County Schools Respond to Widespread Illness

Both the Lee County School District and Magoffin County Schools have made the difficult decision to cancel classes in response to what they are labeling as a “widespread illness.”

Unveiling the Reasons Behind the Closures

Public health director for the Kentucky River District, Scott Lockard, revealed to ABC News that a notable surge in illnesses consistent with COVID-19 and influenza has been reported.

Lee County’s Struggle and Closure

Lockard stated, “Lee County experienced a significant spike in COVID-19 cases, resulting in a drop in attendance that fell below the required threshold to sustain operations. As a consequence, the decision was made to close the school.”

The Underreported True Infection Numbers

Lockard also emphasized that the actual number of infections could be higher than reported due to results from at-home tests not being communicated to the health department promptly.

A New Perspective on Illness and Work

Lockard advocated for a change in perspective when it comes to dealing with illness. He emphasized the importance of staying home when feeling unwell, encouraging a culture of consideration towards colleagues.

Magoffin County’s Approach

Pete Shepherd, the director of Magoffin County’s Public Health Department, provided insight into the situation, stating that although there have been approximately 40 confirmed COVID-19 cases, the symptoms associated with these cases have been relatively mild.

Milder Symptoms Among Students

Shepherd noted that the younger population, particularly students, experienced less severe symptoms, typically including low-grade fever and flu-like discomfort.

School Closures in South Texas

In South Texas, the Runge Independent School District recently declared a temporary closure from August 22 to August 29, despite a relatively low “positivity rate” of 4.2%.

Prioritizing Safety and Wellbeing

Superintendent Hector O. Dominguez Jr. emphasized that the health and safety of students, staff, and the community are paramount in making such decisions. This sentiment is echoed in a letter he penned to the district.

Digging into the Data

Contrary to the decision to close, data from the school’s “Covid tracker” revealed a “positivity rate” of only 4.2%. Furthermore, out of 43 faculty members, only 10 have tested positive for the virus.

A Glimpse into the Future

This closure of the Runge Independent School District could potentially be a precursor to further closures, aligning with predictions made by Alex Jones just the previous week.

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