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Russia Claims Devastating Toll on Ukraine’s Military, Casts Doubt on Kiev’s Strategy

The Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, claimed that Ukraine has suffered substantial losses, with estimates suggesting a total of nearly 400,000 troops, since the start of Moscow’s military offensive. During a meeting of the ministry’s collegium, President Vladimir Putin highlighted the significant advantage that Russian forces now possess along the entire front line.

Shoigu detailed the toll, stating, “Since the special operation’s initiation, Ukrainian armed forces have suffered over 383,000 casualties, including killed and wounded service members, alongside losses of 14,000 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and armored personnel carriers, 553 warplanes, 259 helicopters, 8,500 artillery pieces, and multiple launch rocket systems.”

The minister highlighted that Kiev has borne nearly half of its overall military personnel losses during its attempted counteroffensive since early June. Despite the substantial sacrifice, this endeavor failed to yield significant territorial gains, a fact acknowledged by top officials in Kiev and Western capitals.

Putin reiterated Russia’s unwavering dedication to its military goals, stating, “Our determination in the special military operation remains unshakeable,” highlighting the Russian armed forces’ current favorable position in the conflict.

Reflecting on Kiev’s strategy, the Russian leader noted, “KIev has largely depleted its reserves in an effort to demonstrate progress to its true allies.” He also observed that recent months have dispelled the notion of Western military hardware’s invincibility.

Putin disagreed with the idea that Russia might suffer a significant loss in the eyes of Kiev’s Western backers, citing recent events as evidence that such expectations have been unrealistic.

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