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Russia carried out humongous drone attacks

After Russia carried out humongous drone as well as missile attacks, tens of thousands of people in western and central Ukraine are without power. This comes as intense fighting persists in the southeastern part of Luhansk, Donetsk, and Kherson, where Russia has already been having problems stopping renewed Ukrainian progress.

Several hours following the air raid sirens could be heard going off all throughout the nation, Ukraine’s air force issued a statement early Saturday claiming that Moscow had launched “a huge missile strike” targeting “vital infrastructure.” It stated that it had been successful in intercepting 18 of the 33 cruise missiles that had been fired from the air and the sea.

Local authorities around Ukraine reported attacks on energy infrastructure and power disruptions while engineers frantically worked to repair the damaged network. Some others have warned locals to store up drinking water in case there are power outages.

Since the 10th of October, Russia has ramped up its strikes on power plants, water supply systems, and other crucial infrastructure throughout the country. On that day, Russia destroyed one-third of Ukraine’s power stations in what appears to be retaliation for an attack mostly on the Crimea bridge, which is an important military supply route, as well as recent advancements by Ukrainian forces.

No electricity, no water

After the first barrage of missiles had landed early that morning, sirens for air raids began to sound once again throughout the country around 11.15 am eastern time (08:15 GMT).

Transmission facilities in western Ukraine were the focus of the assaults, according to the state grid operator Ukrenergo. However, limits on power delivery have been implemented in ten areas throughout the nation, including Kyiv, the country’s capital city.

Ukrenergo posted on the Telegram app that the size of the damage “is equivalent or may surpass the repercussions of the assaults [between] October 10-12.” This was in reference to the first wave of attacks that were carried out on Ukraine’s power infrastructure the previous week.

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