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Rural Renaissance: New Founding’s Highland Rim Project Offers Escape from City Chaos

In a world weary of chaos and discontent, New Founding’s Highland Rim Project (HRP) emerges as a beacon of hope for those seeking refuge from the tumultuous landscapes of progressive cities. This venture fund, based in rural Kentucky, is pioneering the creation of vibrant communities nestled in the serene hills of the Eastern Highland Rim area spanning Tennessee and Kentucky. As the nation undergoes a transformative people movement towards small towns and rural havens, the Highland Rim Project presents a unique opportunity for a “Rural Renaissance.”

Escaping the Urban Quagmire
In the wake of imploding progressive metro areas, marked by skyrocketing crime rates and a disregard for law and order, a growing number of Americans are disenchanted with the status quo. The Highland Rim Project responds to this discontent, offering an alternative for those seeking refuge from the Soros-enabled chaos plaguing many cities.

A Response to Overreach
The recent years of governmental overreach during events such as the Covid-19 pandemic, BLM riots, and a surge in nationwide violent crime, coupled with historically low mortgage rates, have fueled an unprecedented exodus from Democrat-controlled states and metro areas. However, a new trend is emerging, spurred by the venture fund New Founding: a deliberate movement towards rural sanctuaries in Kentucky and Tennessee.

The Highland RIm Project Unveiled
The Highland Rim Project, as articulated on its website, signifies a partnership with business owners, pastors, and community leaders dedicated to fostering a sense of unity. Embracing the possibilities of remote work, HRP aims to revitalize areas struggling with economic depression for decades. Joshua Abbotoy, Managing Director of New Founding, highlights the community’s predominantly Protestant Christian leadership, emphasizing the venture’s commitment to cultural authenticity and historical resonance within the region.

A Niche for Values-Aligned Communities
The project’s website underscores the significance of people actively seeking communities that align with their values and chosen way of life. Post-Covid, the knowledge economy worker is liberated, enabled to work and thrive in a small town environment. This shift is poised to uplift regions that have long grappled with economic challenges.

Pushback and Misconceptions
Despite its noble intentions, HRP faces criticism from leftist corporate media outlets, labeling it as a haven for the ‘far-right community.’ Joshua Abbotoy dismisses this characterization, asserting on social media platform X that the overwhelming response from individuals eager to join HRP’s waiting list speaks louder than misinformed critiques.

Conclusion: A Call for Change
In a world where far-left Democrats create chaotic ‘autonomous zones,’ the Highland Rim Project stands as a testament to a different vision– a vision of a “Rural Renaissance.” For Americans weary of progressive destruction in cities and beyond, the message is clear: vote with your feet and embrace the promise of a new beginning in the heart of rural America.

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