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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Emerges as the Leading Democrat Candidate in Recent Poll

A recent poll conducted by the Economist and YouGov has shown Robert F. Kennedy Jr. surpassing Joe Biden as the most favorable Democrat candidate for the 2024 presidential race. This article discusses the surprising results of the poll and highlights Kennedy’s rising popularity among voters.

In a stunning turn of events, Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has emerged as the frontrunner in a recent poll, overshadowing the scandal-plagued Joe Biden. The poll, conducted by the Economist and YouGov, has sent shockwaves through the political establishment in Washington D.C. Kennedy’s favorability ratings have surpassed those of any other candidate in the 2024 race, making him a formidable contender for the White House.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Leads the Way in Favorability Ratings

The Hocking Poll Results Signal Kennedy’s Growing Popularity

According to the Economist and YouGov poll, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has garnered an impressive favorability rating, solidifying his position as the most favorable Democrat candidate. With 49 percent of respondents viewing him favorably and only 30 percent unfavorably, Kennedy boasts a net rating of 19 points, surpassing his rivals by a significant margin. In contrast, Joe Biden received mixed impressions, with 52 percent of respondents viewing him somewhat or very unfavorably and only 45 percent having favorable impressions.

The results of this poll serve as a testament to the growing appeal of Kennedy’s campaign. The email from RFK’s campaign team highlights the astonishing progress he has made within just two months of entering the race. It also emphasizes the fatigue among millions of Americans with the current state of politics, marked by division, censorship, and propaganda emanating from Washington D.C. Kennedy’s recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s popular podcast, which reaches a vast audience, has further boosted his visibility and prompted an increasing number of requests for him to speak across the country.

Potential Upsets in Early Contests

: Iowa and New Hampshire Democrats Challenge the Status Quo

As Kennedy gains momentum, some Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire are considering defying the party’s warnings and moving ahead with their own contests, potentially disrupting Biden’s campaign strategy. While the party threatens to strip them of their national convention delegates if they jump the gun, these states are determined to assert their influence in the nomination process.

New Hampshire Democrats, in particular, are adamant about preserving their state’s status as the nation’s first primary, even though the revised calendar places them second after South Carolina. They argue that state law mandates their position and vows to resist any attempts to undermine their historical significance. On the other hand, Iowa Democrats have quietly made plans to hold their contest on the same day as Iowa Republicans, with the option of mail-in ballots to encourage participation.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s remarkable ascent in the recent Economist and YouGov poll has positioned him as the most favorable Democrat candidate for the 2024 presidential race. Surpassing Joe Biden in favorability ratings, Kennedy’s campaign captured the attention and support of a significant portion of American voters. With potential upsets in early contests, Kennedy’s rising popularity could pose a challenge to the established order, potentially embarrassing the current President. As the race intensifies, all eyes will be on Kennedy and his ability to sustain his momentum in the competitive landscape of American politics.

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