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Reckless, Immoral, and Inhumane: Danielle Smith’s Testimony Exposes Carbon Tax Concerns

In a stirring address before the House Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith didn’t hold back in her critique of the carbon tax, labeling it not just reckless but also “immoral” and “inhumane”.

Urging Action

Smith’s testimony carried a powerful message, urging immediate action to suspend the looming increase in the carbon tax slated for April 1. She highlighted the mounting financial strain on Canadians, despite assurances of benefits from rebates by the federal government.

Facing a Crisis

With genuine concern, Smith pointed to the escalating cost of living crisis gripping Canadians, emphasizing the urgent need to halt the impending carbon tax hike to alleviate the burden on households nationwide.

Rising Financial Strain

Drawing attention to alarming statistics, Smith revealed that the implementation of the carbon tax would saddle Albertans with a yearly cost exceeding $900 per individual. She underscored projections from the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO), indicating a tripling of these costs within the next six years, potentially reaching a staggering $2700 net per Albertan by 2030–2031.

Moral and Ethical Dimensions

Smith’s words carried weight as she condemned the carbon tax not just as reckless policy but also as morally and ethically objectionable. She stressed the dire consequences it would impose on countless lives, jeopardizing futures and aspirations. Alberta, she noted, has been relentless in its call for the federal government to abolish the carbon tax since 2019, recognizing its detrimental impact on citizens.

A Flawed Proposition

In her testimony, Smith vividly portrayed the widespread sentiment among Albertans, likening the carbon tax to an unfavorable deal where the government takes a dollar and returns only seventy-five cents. This analogy underscored the perceived inequity and inadequacy of the government’s reassurances regarding the carbon tax.

A Call to Action

Smith’s impassioned plea resonated as a call to action, urging policymakers to reassess the carbon tax’s impact on Canadians and take decisive steps to alleviate the financial strain on households.


As the debate surrounding the carbon tax intensifies, Smith’s testimony serves as a poignant reminder of the tangible consequences of policy decisions. Her compelling arguments shed light on the moral and ethical implications of the carbon tax, urging policymakers to prioritize the welfare of Canadians above all else.

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