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Persuade Americans that Propane Cook Stoves are Suddenly Harmful

Propane Cook Stoves

In light of the fact that Democrats are now actively pursuing a concerted fear porn effort to attempt to persuade Americans that propane cook stoves are suddenly harmful and must be prohibited, so-called “progressives” have reinforced their stance as being anti-progressive. In point of fact, they are against civilization and wish to do away with fire along with everything else that might catch fire, such as stoves used for cooking, automobiles, weaponry, furnaces, and so on.

In spite of this, the freedom to flush a toilet with a standard capacity may no longer be exercised in states that are ruled by the Democratic Party. Water limitations necessitate the use of low-flow toilets that only partially accomplish their intended purpose; if you install a standard toilet, you risk incurring significant penalties.

The new governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, has made an announcement that she intends to outlaw all gas stoves within the year 2030. This would require residents of New York to migrate to electric ranges. Due to the fact that frequent storms cause the power system to fail, such a decision would leave possibly hundreds of thousands of Yorkers without any method to heat their homes or prepare food when the power is out. The problem in public health and safety that appears to accompany every significant snowstorm or extreme weather event would only become worse if this were to happen.

The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has said that the sale of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines would be prohibited by the year 2035. They will be outlawed in the state of Washington by the year 2030. A similar prohibition will become law in the state of New York in the year 2035. Because electric ranges as well as electric vehicles pull high power demand throughout a power grid infrastructure that is lacking, transport options will collapse in these states and some others, leaving private businesses and individuals with few viable options while also overburdening the electricity network to the point where it will melt down. This is due to the fact that electric ranges or electric vehicles both pull high power demand.

The policies of Democrats are taking their states back to the 18th century.

As the number of restrictions increases, it doesn’t take long to recognize that states ruled by Democrats are actively involved in the de-civilization and reversal of contemporary advancements.

They are eliminating internal combustion engines, as well as renewable energy sources such as natural gas, and stable supplies of abundant water. This will result in the creation of a two-tiered country in which:

The BLUE states are going to be retrograde, collapsing, crime-ridden hellholes that have extremely limited access to reliable power sources, transport, heating, air conditioning, supermarket goods, and other essential essentials.

As a result of producers departing, their economies will fall into disaster, and the resulting population will be made up of people receiving assistance, criminals, addicts, and anybody else who is too impoverished to buy a ticket out.

The RED states would be technologically sophisticated, highly modern, and very desired, with widespread availability to copious sources of energy, automobiles, reasonably priced gas, water, transit, food, and more.

There will be a fast expansion of economies as a result of the availability of oil and the inflow of businesspeople and workers who are fleeing blue states that are in the process of crumbling.

Soon, life in a blue state will be comparable to that of the 18th century, whereas life in a red state will be a modern, prosperous society with all of the perks of power, electricity, modern transportation, heaters, cooking, water, and other resources. Blue states are currently more liberal than red states.

To put it another way, in a world that is dominated by airplanes, trains, and cars, states that are governed by Democrats are adamant about not having any of these modes of transportation. Just vast numbers of subjugated, censored, obedient, and vaccinated voters who are, in effect, being held captive in enormous prison camps on the scale of a state.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles was a fantastic motion picture that was released in the 1980s and starred by Steve Martin & John Candy. NO Planes, NO Trains, and NO Automobiles is the title that Al Gore and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would give to that movie if it were made today.

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