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Operatives Working Late at Night Transporting Truckloads of Questionable Votes

On election day in 2022, polls in the state of Michigan were open until 8:00 PM. The pollsters & prognosticators, who all projected some degree of red wave’ never occurred. So, what could have happened?

The results are in stark contrast to the predictions made by a large number of campaign experts, pollsters, and members of the media who anticipated significant gains for the Republican party.

The votes on the ballots are tallied in a certain sequence. The votes cast by absentee voters are tallied first, followed by the ballots cast in person on election day, and finally, any ballots that arrived after the polls closed.

There is little to no justification for the late arrival of the ballots.

On the night of the election, at around 1:22 am, we have reliable information that the City of Detroit was already handling and starting to process more votes.

Where did you get all of these ballots?

There is absolutely no plausible explanation, other than fraud, for the arrival of a large number of ballots and the beginning of the processing of them hours after the time for collecting them had passed.

Once a ballot has been cast by a legitimate and valid voter, it is supposed to be collected in a poll box and delivered to the clerk, who then confirms the voter is a certified, legitimate voter in the state’s Qualified Voter File, also known as the “QVF,” checks the signature of the voter against the one listed on file, and checks the ballot for any defects. This is the journey that a ballot is supposed to take once it has been cast. Jessy Jacob, a city of Detroit employee who came forward as a whistleblower in 2020, stated that there weren’t any ballots that needed to be handled after 9:00 PM on the night of the election because the process moved so quickly for the handful of remaining ballot papers that happened to come in near the deadline. Jacob claimed that this was due to the fact that there were only a few ballots that came in late.

Because the clerks had had two complete additional days to tally the votes, as was previously noted, there ought to have been practically none that arrived in late. However, there were almost none.

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