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Neutron Bombs in Gaza: A Weapon of Genetic Extermination?

Christopher Busby, a British scientist, suggests that there is a potential that Israel, in collaboration with the United States, is covertly employing neutron bombs to “genetically purify” the Palestinian population in Gaza. Neutron bombs are a specialized form of nuclear weaponry that would generate minimal explosion and heat, while disseminating significant levels of deadly radiation.

The radiation specialist concurred with Mike Adams on a recent episode of the “Health Ranger Report” that the harm caused to hospitals and residential buildings in Gaza may be a secondary consequence, with the primary aim being the genetic damage of a specific ethnic group, which fits the definition of genocide.

Busby stated that Israel and the United States employed a similar approach in Fallujah, Iraq. He emphasized that the Americans developed the neutron bomb and possess a substantial quantity of them attached to the front of their missiles. The weapon was utilized in Fallujah due to its effectiveness in eliminating individuals who take cover behind stone walls. Interestingly, former Russian President Boris Yeltsin referred to it as the capitalist bomb, as it specifically targets people rather than causing property destruction.

Adams further investigated and raised concerns about the potential link between the use of neutron bombs in Fallujah and increased incidences of cancer and infertility. According to an English radiation expert, these weapons were deployed in Gaza in 2008 and possibly again in 2014. The expert noted that measuring the impact of cancer is challenging due to the need for a control group, but tracking birth defects and abnormalities in children is more straightforward due to accessible birth rate data. The study revealed a substantial rise in babies born with deformities and abnormalities, as well as changes in the typical ratio of male to female births.

In 2010, Busby conducted and published a study on this topic, and even presented his findings to the Human Rights Council and International Red Cross in Geneva. Despite the support of Arab lawyers and other individuals, the study failed to generate any tangible action. However, the Iraqi government approached Busby with a request to collaborate on a study to assess the levels of congenital malformation in the country. Busby agreed, but insisted on being involved in the study’s design. However, he was met with resistance due to what he described as “a load of crooked epidemiology,” which made it impossible for him to continue with the study.

Adams agreed citing how Gazans now are left without a choice as Israel would ask them to evacuate northward but the Israeli forces would bomb the north. Then they went to the south and then they were bombing them because the civilians were concentrated there. “On a humanitarian basis, something is wrong. It’s like they wanted a higher concentration of people in the same place, which actually would fit your theory of neutron exposure,” the and Natural News founder pointed out.

Busby chimed in, saying the American government was just watching the “genocide” unfold in Iraq and now in the Palestinian enclave. “It’s worse than Hitler, concentration camps and the gas chambers because it’s a huge population and all are together in one place,” he said emphasizing how easy it would be to systematically destroy them with genetic weapons. (Related: Israel accused of secretly deploying NEUTRON BOMBS in Gaza as weapons of genetic extermination.)

Busby: Russians also have neutron bombs.
Horrified about the possible “nuclear catastrophe” of the neutron bombs, Adams clarified with Busby that the weapons being dropped on Gaza are manufactured by the United States. “I just saw an article that that most of the bombs are unguided bombs and they’re not intended to strike particular targets. These are area effect, weapons of mass distruction being dropped on a highly dense civilian residential infrastructure with Hamas tunnels underneath.” He then proceeded to ask which other country could have a similar technology.

“The Russians for sure,” the British radiation scientist quipped. “They’ve more or less developed it. In my understanding, they originally called it ‘Red Mercury.'” Adams confirmed to have heard about the uniquely powerful chemical explosive which has been dismissed by many people as just a myth. Busby said that according to people who were talking to veteran nuclear weapon designer Frank Barnaby back in the 1980s, he said it was about the size of a tennis ball or a baseball and they were pretending it was actual mercury. “But I think that was just some sort of cover-up because red mercury was [former Premier of the Soviet Union Joseph] Stalin’s code for enriched uranium,” he added.

They reached a consensus that, aside from the Russians, the Chinese most likely possess the same technology, resulting in an increased concern over the likelihood of a nuclear war. However, Busby dismissed the notion of nuclear weapons being used for terrorism due to the complexity involved in manufacturing the bombs. He emphasized the need for hydride, deuterium, heavy water, or even tritium, along with a reactor to produce tritium, and the requirement of specific condidtions at 300 degrees. Therefore, it is not something that can be easily created in a domestic setting.

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