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The Consequences of US Dominance: A Rift between Europe and Russia

The Consequences of US Dominance:

However, now that German armor is rolling toward Russia for the first time since the atrocities committed by Nazi forces during World War II, the relationship between the two countries is bound to deteriorate even further. This was made possible by the efforts of the administration of Joe Biden to persuade the German government to provide tanks.

The promised peace dividend in Europe has not materialized, and everything that political leaders in the United States and Europe have done over the past 15 years, especially since Russia’s invasion, appears to have been designed to sabotage any possibility of establishing a regional security framework that would include Russia. The purpose has been to exclude Moscow from the discussion so that it will feel excluded, as well as inferior and angry. Because of this, the war looks to be the consequence of preparation following the end of the Cold War rather than a mistake.

The return of a geopolitical siege mentality will accomplish the same thing that calls for austerity and budget cuts have done in the past: it will legitimize the shift of wealth from the masses of western countries to the governing elites of those countries.

Richard Sakwa, a professor from the United Kingdom, realized in 2015 that the United States-dominated NATO was exploiting Ukraine to aggravate tensions between Europe and Russia rather than finding a solution to those tensions. He said that instead of having a vision that included the entirety of the continent, the European Union had become “nothing more than the civilian branch of the Atlantic security alliance.”

Or, to put it another way, one of the most important things that Sakwa discovered was that “the prospect of greater European independence worried key decision-makers in Washington, and NATO’s role has been, in part, to maintain US dominance over Europe’s foreign policy.” This was one of the most important things that Sakwa discovered.

This cynical approach was exemplified by Victoria Nuland, Washington’s persistent interference in Ukrainian politics, during a secret conversation with the US ambassador to Kyiv. Nuland’s comments were made in response to a question about whether or not Washington was interfering in Ukrainian politics. She is notable for having said, “F*ck the EU!” just before the pro-Russian president of Ukraine was overthrown by protesters backed by the United States.

Washington is concerned that a Europe that is not wholly dependent on the United States, particularly Germany, may renege on its commitment to a unipolar world dominated by the United States. Specifically, Germany is the focus of this worry.

Because European sovereignty has been sufficiently eroded as of late, Washington is feeling more confident about its ability to unite its NATO members for another great-power battle against China after Russia has been sufficiently isolated.

Not only Ukraine, but Europe as a whole, will pay a high price for the hubris displayed by the United States of America as long as the conflict lasts.

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