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Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine connected To Severe Health Issues

The European Union’s pharmaceutical regulatory authority on October 1st suggested up-dating the classification for Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccination with warnings for severe health issues very likely related to the vaccination.

The Pharmacovigilance Risk Analysis Board (PRAC) said that using the J&J injection is related to capillary clots and an immune system problem that triggers the body’s immune system to attack hemoglobin platelets.

“The PRAC has concluded that there is a conceivable link to venous thromboembolism (VTE) using COVID-19 Vaccination Janssen”.

Venous thromboembolism “is generally a health condition where a blood embolism or clot forms inside a deeper capillary, typically in the lower leg, upper arm, or genitals, and may well move to the lungs triggering an impediment of the bloodstream supply causing other deadly and life-threatening issues” the board explained.

Janssen, a J&J organization, did not reply to our request for any remarks on this issue.

Bend the Masses to the Will of a Few

After examining fresh data, PRAC reasoned that there is a “reasonable probability” that the thickening of the blood issue is related to inoculation using the J&J injection.

The council suggested listing or labeling thromboembolism as an uncommon adverse effect in the product line info for the J&J injection.

The council additionally found that using the J&J and even the AstraZeneca injections were both connected to an immune system disorder that triggers the physical body’s immune system to target healthier platelets required for healthy blood clots.


“Levels of bloodroot platelets may be connected with hemorrhage, and possess severe medical repercussions,” the board claimed.

PRAC suggested listing this as an “unfavorable response with an unidentified regularity” for both the J&J and the AstraZeneca injections.

The regulatory agency consented to send warning announcements to healthcare specialists regarding clotting and the immune problem.

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