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Is Trudeau’s Popularity Plunging Faster Than Maple Syrup Downhill? Can Poilievre Ride the ‘Gravy Train’ to Victory?

Is Justin Trudeau’s popularity taking a nosedive faster than a pancake griddle at a Canadian breakfast joint? Well, it seems like the Prime Minister’s approval ratings are sliding down the slope, with more Canadians disapproving of the Trudeau government than ever before. Could Pierre Poilievre be the one to catch the ‘gravy train’ to victory, or will Trudeau’s policies continue to sour the mood up north? More on this below. Keep Reading.

The poll results indicate a significant decline in support for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government in Canada. As of September 14, 2023, the disapproval rating for Trudeau’s government has reached 57 percent, the highest since he took office in 2015, with only 29 percent of Canadians approving of the current Liberal government. Additionally, Trudeau’s personal image has suffered, with 56 percent of Canadians having a negative impression of him, while only 27 percent have a positive view. This decline in support is also reflected in the decrease in the willingness of Canadians to vote for the Liberal Party, which has fallen to 42 percent, the lowest since 2015. In contrast, 50 percent of Canadians are open to voting for the Conservative Party, marking the largest gap in favor of Conservatives since 2015.

The poll results suggest that the Conservative Party, led by Pierre Poilievre, is in a strong position, with more people having a positive view of Poilievre than either of the two major party leaders. Canadians perceive the Conservatives as better equipped to handle key issues, and if the desire for change persists, they could capitalize on this trend in the next election.

Moreover, the rising cost of living in Canada, including increasing food prices, has become a major concern for 72 percent of Canadians. Trudeau’s federal climate change programs have been criticized for contributing to inflation, and his government’s decision to join global initiatives like the United Nations “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” has faced opposition.

The Online News Act, implemented by the Trudeau government, has restricted Canadians’ access to news on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram due to fee disputes with Meta, leading to concerns about censorship, especially among young Canadians.

Pierre Poilievre has positioned himself as a candidate who opposes the Online News Act and promises to eliminate the carbon tax and restore the economy if elected as prime minister. However, he has faced criticism from social conservatives for not openly supporting a popular pro-family effort against LGBT indoctrination in schools, which some view as a missed opportunity to rally his grassroots base.

In summary, these poll results suggest a challenging political landscape for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party in Canada, with declining support and growing concerns about the cost of living and government policies. The Conservative Party, under the leadership of Pierre Poilievre, appears to be in a favorable position to capitalize on these sentiments in the future.

Hot Take: Maybe Trudeau should consider a career change—perhaps flipping pancakes at a local diner. It seems like Canadians are tired of his political recipe, and they might just prefer some good old-fashioned breakfast comfort food instead!

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