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Are “Updated Seasonal” Vaccines the New Cool Kids on the Block?

The medical world is switching up the terminology game faster than a caffeinated squirrel on roller skates. From “booster shots” to “updated seasonal” vaccines, it’s like they’ve given our immune systems a hip new makeover. Who needs plain old boosters when you can have the latest and greatest in seasonal fashion, right? Just remember, your immune system’s walk-in closet might be getting a tad crowded, but at least it’s all in the name of staying trendy and pandemic-free. Keep calm readers! Remember that this is still the MRNA shot, a gene therapy experimental injection, no matter what they try to tell you. Proceed with CAUTION. Read on for the full story.

In a significant shift, the health authorities of British Columbia have opted for a new term, referring to upcoming doses of the experimental COVID-19 vaccine as “updated seasonal” vaccines, rather than labeling them as booster shots. This alteration in terminology reflects the evolving nature of our battle against the pandemic.

Embracing the Evolution: Transitioning to Updated Seasonal Vaccines

On August 4, the esteemed health officer of British Columbia, Bonnie Henry, made a notable announcement. She urged residents to prepare for another round of COVID vaccination scheduled for September or October, categorizing these doses as updated vaccines rather than mere boosters. In an interview with the Victoria Times Colonist, Henry emphasized the rationale behind this shift: “I’m really thinking of this as an updated seasonal vaccine, as opposed to a booster, because the protection that we have from the previous vaccines that we’ve received still provides good strong cell-mediated immunity.”

Evidence-Driven Decision: The Role of Advisory Committees

This call for renewed vaccination efforts aligns with the recommendation put forth by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization on July 11. The committee advocated for Canadians to receive an additional COVID shot during the upcoming fall if they have not been vaccinated within the last six months or have not contracted the virus during that time period.

Unified Protection: A Crucial Step Forward

Henry’s stance is firm: “Regardless of how many vaccines you’ve had in the past, getting this updated one will be important for everybody… to protect you going into this fall.” Her assertion underscores the collective responsibility we hold to ensure a safer future for our communities.

Unveiling the Innovation: A Look at the Updated Vaccine

Henry assured the public that the updated vaccine is built upon “well-proven” technology and has been administered millions of times with a solid safety record. Despite the absence of extensive long-term studies, the short-term data has shown no alarming side effects stemming from the COVID vaccines.

Prolonged Immunity: A Promising Prospect

A notable aspect of the updated vaccine is its potential to confer immunity for an extended period. Henry indicated, “It may be that this updated vaccine will last longer than a year — those things we are still learning as we go.” This potential longevity of protection adds another layer of optimism to the ongoing fight against the pandemic.

Navigating Concerns: Addressing Vaccine Injury

While British Columbia vigorously advocates for COVID vaccination, recent reports have highlighted concerns surrounding vaccine injuries. The province’s Vaccine Injury Program has already disbursed over $6 million in compensation to individuals injured by COVID vaccines, with a substantial number of claims yet to be resolved.

Hidden Realities: The Challenge of Accurate Reporting

A disconcerting revelation surfaced in late June, as research conducted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office suggested that many Canadians deliberately concealed their COVID vaccination status from federal pollsters. This discrepancy implies that the actual vaccination rates may be lower than initially reported, casting a shadow over our understanding of the population’s immunity.

Evaluating Adverse Events: Unveiling the Data Gap

Canada’s Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) database, overseen by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), relies on individuals to initiate the reporting process, often posing difficulties in data collection. This potential underreporting of adverse events following vaccination raises questions about our comprehensive grasp of vaccine safety.

A Tragic Case: The Pursuit of Answers

Tragedy struck when a 17-year-old named Sean Hartman passed away 33 days after receiving a dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Despite an American pathologist’s determination that the vaccine played a role in Sean’s untimely demise, his family was denied compensation under the nation’s Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP).

Transparency and Responsibility: A Call for Ethical Communication

Recent revelations have surfaced regarding the Canadian federal government’s awareness of the potential for serious injuries caused by COVID shots. Instead of openly addressing these concerns, the government opted to employ “winning communication strategies” to sway public opinion towards vaccination.

Seeking Justice: A Brave Stand Against Inadequate Compensation

Ross Wightman, a 41-year-old resident of British Columbia, took legal action against AstraZeneca, the federal government of Canada, the provincial government, and the administering pharmacy. His decision stemmed from receiving inadequate compensation after suffering paralysis and subsequent diagnosis of Guillain-Barré Syndrome following an AstraZeneca shot in April 2021.

Conclusion: Evolving Towards Protection and Accountability

The shift from “booster shots” to “updated seasonal” vaccines in British Columbia underscores the dynamism of our approach to COVID vaccination. While concerns and challenges persist, our collective endeavor to combat the pandemic requires a balanced understanding of evolving scientific evidence, ethical communication, and commitment to accountability. As we navigate these uncharted waters, our shared goal remains steadfast: safeguarding the health and well-being of our communities.

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