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Is this Australia or China?

Many are failing to see the difference and asking the question is this Australia or China?  Let me explain below…

First of all, they lockdown its population and if that’s not bad enough, they actually confiscate liquor or booze that was delivered to those who were forced into these mandatory lockdowns. 

And guess under what pretense they are doing this? 

This is all done in the name of “Health monitoring”. We do this for your own good, we do this for your own safety. 

Where have I heard these words before? 

Okay so what we’re witnessing here is food rationing which doesn’t end well my friends and on top of all this, we are NOW seeing the construction of concentration camps or what they officially call “quarantine camps”, once again for your safety. 

Can you say communist China?

It looks like Australia is “toast”, where food rationing and concentration camps are fast becoming “The New Normal”.

Just take a look at some of these images below…

PCR tests show 96% false positives and can NOT be used as a diagnostic tool and of course covid-19 has never been isolated from a single human being, ever.

It’s only been cultured in monkey kidney cells which has been compared to a computer simulation based on a theory of what symptoms might be present in certain Coronavirus… In other words, it’s all fraud.

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