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Is Justin Trudeau’s Support for LGBT Pride Crosswalks Going Too Far?

Well, it seems like Justin Trudeau has found his true calling as the Minister of Rainbow Crosswalks and Virtue Signaling. While Canadian soldiers in Latvia are left fending for themselves without helmets or food, Trudeau is busy ensuring that “Pride Month” is celebrated with colorful crosswalks and extravagant parades. Perhaps he believes that rainbows have magical powers to solve all the world’s problems. Who needs a functional military when you can have pretty crosswalks, right? Keep up the great work, Prime Minister! Your commitment to prioritizing rainbow sidewalks over national security is truly awe-inspiring. Bravo!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing criticism from student activist Josh Alexander for his promotion of LGBT “pride” crosswalks during a visit to Iceland. Alexander, known for his refusal to conform to LGBT ideology and his vocal opposition to male students entering female bathrooms, expressed his disapproval of Trudeau’s actions. This article delves into the controversy surrounding Trudeau’s public support for the LGBT community and the backlash he has received from individuals like Alexander and Canadian professor Dr. Jordan Peterson.

The Condemnation of Trudeau’s Conduct

Student activist Josh Alexander, a staunch critic of LGBT ideology, condemned Trudeau for his promotion of the LGBT “pride” crosswalks. In response to Trudeau’s tweet featuring a picture of himself in front of a crosswalk, Alexander expressed his disapproval, stating, “Your degeneracy is astonishing. Find God.” Alexander accused Trudeau of openly endorsing what he perceives as a corrupt and perverted ideology, emphasizing the need for individuals to repent and turn to Christ for salvation. Alexander believes Trudeau’s conduct reflects a growing trend of prioritizing lust and pleasure over dignity and discipline.

Criticism from Dr. Jordan Peterson

Dr. Jordan Peterson, a Canadian professor known for his conservative views, also voiced his criticism of Trudeau’s public support for “Pride Month.” Peterson took to Twitter to express his concerns, stating, “You and your bloody virtue-signaling minions have taken it clearly too far with pride ‘season.'” He warned Trudeau that there are limits to such promotion and that he will eventually face consequences for pushing his agenda too aggressively.

Trudeau’s Promotion of LGBT Agenda

Trudeau has been accused of using his position as Prime Minister to push the LGBT agenda on Canadians. He has allocated funds to LGBT organizations and silenced opposition to the ideology. Recently, Trudeau publicly criticized New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs for requiring schools to inform parents about transgender issues. However, recent polls indicate that a majority of Canadians actually support Higgs’ stance.

Moreover, the Trudeau government provided $1.5 million in “emergency” funds for increased security at “pride” parades, while Canadian soldiers stationed in Latvia faced challenges in obtaining essential equipment. This has raised concerns about the government’s priorities and allocation of resources.


Justin Trudeau’s public support for LGBT “pride” crosswalks has generated controversy and criticism from individuals like student activist Josh Alexander and Canadian professor Dr. Jordan Peterson. The condemnation revolves around concerns regarding the promotion of what some perceive as corrupt ideology and the prioritization of pleasure over dignity. Trudeau’s use of his position to push the LGBT agenda, along with his public clashes with individuals who hold differing views, has sparked further debate about the direction of Canadian society. As the discussion continues, it remains to be seen how Trudeau’s actions and the reactions they elicit will shape the future of LGBT issues in Canada.

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