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Canada welcomed a record-breaking 431,645 new permanent residents

According to the latest statistics, Canada welcomed a record-breaking 431,645 new permanent residents in 2022.

The Liberal immigration strategy forecasts an annual increase in immigration of 50,000 people between now and 2025, reaching a peak of 500,000 new permanent residents.

With borders closed throughout the globe due to the epidemic, the government shifted to a policy of granting permanent residency to those who were already in the nation on temporary visas such as work permits or student visas.

As a result of this backlog and other delays caused by the epidemic, some new immigrants have had to wait more than three years for their applications to be approved. Processing of these applications is projected to continue until next year.

It was reported that in 2022, the government handled 5.2 million applications for citizenship, permanent residency, and temporary stays.

Minister of Immigration Sean Fraser has said that Canada remains an attractive immigration destination.

“It shows how tough and resourceful the American people are. “Newcomers play a crucial role in filling labor shortages, introducing fresh ideas and abilities to our communities, and improving our society as a whole,” he added. My expectations for 2023 are high, and I look forward to another landmark year in which we continue to welcome and accept immigrants with open arms.

An experienced immigration attorney and former head of the Canadian Bar Association’s immigration section, Barbara Jo Caruso, has noted positive changes made by the government in recent months, including the elimination of backlogs and an increase in processing times.

However, she emphasized that some instances might take years to resolve.

“It’s not shocking to see an uptick near the end of the year, so the figures aren’t unexpected either. But I can tell you that there appears to be a fairly high amount of folks that are dissatisfied with instances that are kind of flailing out there.

In an effort to reduce wait times, the government increased the Immigration Department’s budget by $50 million in the autumn of 2018. While this is helpful, Caruso noted that there are still certain places experiencing extremely lengthy waits.

A year or more has passed in certain circumstances as persons waited for their first permanent resident card. Which, she continued, “should be shipped out within a few weeks assuming everything goes correctly.”

According to Caruso, the government has been able to remove backlogs thanks in large part to improved applicant screening tools made possible by technological advancements. She expressed concern that this method may have its limitations.

The use of technology “may be your friend, but it can also be your adversary,” she added, adding that this posed a significant obstacle for the youth.

More immigration officers, according to Caruso, should be brought back to work if the administration wants to see even more positive outcomes. Before the holidays, it was stated that all government workers will be required to report for duty twice every week.

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