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Here is How Liberty Tumbles and Tyranny Thrives

How Liberty Tumbles and Tyranny Thrives

Below is a simple explanation of how Liberty tumbles and tyranny thrives, first of all, tyrannical regimes start by step-by-step actions: overcriminalization, monitoring of residents, jail time for peaceable victimless offenses, and so on. Little by little, the people see liberties and freedoms reduced, and even weakened in the name of national safety and security or FOR YOUR HEALTH. Little by little the people start to submit.

Nobody speaks up for those being targeted.

Nobody stands up to these kinds of small-scale bits of injustice.

Nobody identifies being brainwashed right into tyranny.

Manipulation of people Around the World – How and WHO is Doing It

This inability to express the truth to power has led to entire human populations being trained to put up with unmentioned ruthlessness towards their fellow man, an onlooker disorder where folks continue being silent and uninvolved – simple observers when faced with monstrosities and oppression.

People are still disconnected from believing this kind of brutality exists today. Some try to persuade themselves that they are in some way different than the sufferers of the political abuse. Others continue to say how fantastic the United States or Canada is, regardless of the confirmation to the contrary.

What can the Government do if People are Labeled Domestic Terrorists?

People may zip their lips and close their eyes. Yet this will NOT go away on its own. The more power we give these politicians the MORE they will take and impose MORE and MORE restrictions, this is proven Time and Time again from our own History.

Simply put, we can continue to exist in a state of denial. Still, there is no refuting the unsightly, gospel truths that emerge each and every passing day.

We must never be voiceless when faced with the govt’s continuous overreaches, power-grabbing, and crimes against humanity.

This is insanity, still, there is a process to that insanity.

We are in the Midst of the Greatest Brainwashing Battle in History

Wickedness camouflaged as bureaucratism is still wickedness or evil. That is what Hannah Arendt described as the bromide of evil.

The War on the People In the United States and in its imaginary counterpart “The Erik Blair Diaries”, such evil occurs when politicians (governmental and commercial) unquestioningly carry out orders that are unethical and savage; comply with unethical directions; walk in lockstep with authoritarians; mindlessly commit deeds of horror and barbarism, and validate everything as merely “carrying out one’s duty.”

This type of evil ALWAYS dominates when good people do anything.

By not doing anything, by staying quiet, by being onlookers to oppression, hatred, and misdeed, good men and women end up being as bad as the criminal.

It works the very same no matter if you’re speaking about children watching bullies agonize a pupil on a play area, onlookers seeing somebody passing away on a sidewalk, travelers on a train recording a fellow traveler being assaulted without stepping in to help, or perhaps people staying quiet when faced with big brother barbarities.

We really need to quit being soundless onlookers.

It’s OUR time to defend the truth – for justice, for liberty – NOT only for ourselves but for EVERYONE. Tomorrow may well be too damn late.

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