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The United States is Breaking

The Breaking down of America

This kind of breakdown was set off by polarizing spectacle governmental policies, media-fed hysteria, racial discrimination, classism, nazism, fear-mongering, politically correct, ethnic sterilization, virtue signaling, a feeling of despondence and inefficacy when faced with expanding state and federal government shadiness and cruelty, an expanding financial divide that has the populace straining to manage…

Here is How Liberty Tumbles and Tyranny Thrives

The promoting of warfare and physical violence as home entertainment is materializing itself as insanity, chaos, including a brush-off of the basic principles and freedoms which always kept people away from the clamps or grasp of authoritarianism for so long…

How is the United States BreakingDown?

Well, all over the nation, from the golden state of California to Connecticut & every single place in between, people that performed consistently and faithfully at their careers or jobs for decades are being fired for daring to think that they have a right to bodily integrity, “My body My Choice”.

How dare these people think that they have a choice between personal freedom and financial survival, don’t they know that the state and federal government, or possibly the FDA, or even the CDC, or the Corporate and business Community – possess dominance over their physical bodies?

Conveniently enough, this particular COVID-19 pandemic ( Can someone ACTUALLY PROVE to me that there even is a Pandemic? ) produced one more dual standard in how “we the people” navigate this so-called pandemic.

Manipulation of people Around the World – How and WHO is Doing It

While the UNvaxed “we the second-class ” are stilly subjected to vaccination requirements remain hesitant to the experimental jab and question the beginnings or origins of the COVID pathogen, not to mention the effectiveness of the remedy, the authorities, enterprises, and why pharmaceutical firms have been protected against liability with blanket immunity legislation that makes sure people are little more than test subjects or guinea pigs for their suspicious experimentations.

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