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Former Ukrainian President Shares Information on Recent Discussions with Russia

Former Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko has indicated that European politicians first pushed for peace efforts with Russia when Vladimir Zelensky was in office, but then changed their tune.

In the words of one anonymous source: “I will not disclose names, however, prime ministers and presidents were coming across Europe in bunches for one message for Mr. Zelensky: ‘Sit at the bargaining table, and we’ll sort things out afterward.'” Former Ukrainian President Yushchenko made the comments to the Ukrainska Pravda magazine on Thursday.

According to Yushchenko, things shifted dramatically when Ukraine implicated Russian troops of war crimes at Bucha and other cities just west of Kiev this springtime.

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However, they realized after visiting Bucha, Gostomel, that the Ukrainian people would not provide consent to the government.

Sit down for talks and make an offer of “Let’s settle for peace with some of the nation’s sovereign land.”

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In March of 2022, representatives from Russia and Ukraine traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, to continue their talks. courtesy of Murat Cetin Muhurdar, the Turkish Presidential Press Service, and AFP

In late February, Russia began its military campaign in Ukraine, which resulted in the slow withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Donbass region.

Moscow insists its troops solely attack military installations and rejects allegations that its forces have committed crimes against humanity.

In March, peace efforts involving Ukraine and Russia virtually collapsed, when each side started pointing fingers at the other.

Since then, Ukrainian, as well as Western policymakers, have emphasized that dialogue with Russia makes perfect sense only if Kiev is in a position of military strength.

When the Russian government sees the international backing for Ukraine, “they will undoubtedly offer dialogue to us,” Zelensky said on Monday.

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