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Dr. OZ does not want the Feds engaged in Personal Healthcare decisions

does not want the Feds engaged in personal healthcare decisions such as abortion; but, he does want community political leaders to be included, in addition to female medical professionals.

This remark was made during the one and only debate that was placed between OZ and Lieutenant. Gov. Fetterman, who is currently recuperating from a stroke or often appeared to strain to handle questions in a manner that was coherent.

The moderator of the debate said something to the effect of, “You declare that you’re pro-life, yet you support abortion exemptions in the circumstances of rape, incest, and to safeguard the life of the mother,” before asking, “Aside from those following exceptions, should abortion become prohibited in the United States?”

OZ responded by saying, “There should not be any involvement from the federal govt and how the states determine their abortion choices,” before drawing on his personal experience as a physician.

Dr. OZ

“As a medical professional. I’ve been there in the studio when people are having tense discussions about sensitive topics. He said, “That is one area in which I do not want the involvement of the US government in any manner. “I want women physicians and local political leaders to bring up the greatest proposals so that states may decide for themselves,” she said. “Democracy, which has always helped our country to grow, should be allowed to do its thing.”

Since the Supreme Court’s decision earlier this year to overturn Roe v. Wade, reproductive rights have emerged as a central focus of the political debate. The behavior of Senator Fetterman caused many people to doubt his fitness to sit in the United States Senate seriously. On the other hand, Oz’s wish to have local officials engaged in a woman’s choice about her medical treatment is likely to cause many eyebrows to be raised.

Oz has always been a supporter of the pro-life movement, and the fact that he has worked in the medical field lends him some credibility when discussing different treatment options. Because of his 26 years of experience presenting a daytime talk show, he has a degree of media polish that will influence the decisions of many voters.

One can’t help but wonder what his reaction would be if politicians in his community tried to influence any choices he made about medical procedures, whether they were for a patient or even for himself.

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