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Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General of the Office of Inspector General (OIG), testified in front of Congress and shockingly disclosed that more than 10,000 government workers had access to the database of the National Security Agency (NSA) for the purposes of conducting surveillance inquiries. This was a shocking discovery.

The database stores every piece of electronic information pertaining to all Americans. This information includes messages sent via email, texts, social networking posts, instant messages, messages sent via text, telephone calls, geolocation identifiers, transactions made using electronic cash, banking documents, and “any keystroke any American individual puts into any kind of device for any reason.” It is unsettling enough to consider that a government databank stores each and every data point pertaining to each and every American; it is far more unsettling to consider that 10,000 random persons who work for the government have the ability to access it whenever they like.

Unauthorized Searches Conducted Using the NSA Database

More than one thousand unlawful searches were conducted on the NSA database in 2018 by contractors working for the FBI and the DOJ. From November 2015 as well as May 2016, the majority of these queries were directed toward primary candidates for the Republican Party. All of this came to light as a result of the Department of Justice’s own report to the FISA court. In that report, the precise number of unlawful search queries was blacked out; nevertheless, the size of the blacked-out text displays four numbers, which indicates that the amount might have been anywhere between 1,000 to 9,999. This statistic skyrocketed to almost 1.1 million unlawful searches in 2021, which was Joe Biden’s first year as president and the initial year of his administration.

It is imperative that the NSA Collection of Data Centers be Destroyed.

Camp Williams, which is situated between Utah Lake & the Great Salt Lake, is home to the primary surveillance site for the National Security Agency (NSA). 2014 marked the completion of construction with a price tag of $1.5 billion. On the other hand, it is still uncertain whether or whether there are any further storage facilities where these records are being kept. The most important question that has to be answered is who has authority over this extensive collection of electronic data, and why Congress is permitting it. Congress is now discussing whether or not to enable the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to monitor private communications at all, along with whether or not to extend the Foreign Intelligence Monitoring Act, which is what makes this possible in the first place.

Establishment of an All-Encompassing Monitoring System

The government of the United States is now acknowledging to the general public that an all-encompassing and all-encompassing surveillance state is now in operation and that 10,000 government agents have the authority to monitor anything that we do. If the inspector general has recently admitted that the FISA laws have been so thoroughly compromised to the point where over 10,000 federal workers and government contractors have the ability to conduct 3.4 million searches, then there is no way that any fairly thinking person can accept such reauthorization. Even considering complying with such a demand is laughable beyond belief. The people who call themselves representatives of “We the People” ought to put an immediate stop to all of this.


It is unsettling to contemplate the possibility that the federal government is compiling all of our information without our awareness or permission. Even more unsettling is the thought that more than 10,000 government officials are privy to this data and it’s believed it is being utilized in unlawful investigations. It is imperative that we make it known to our political leaders that we expect them to put an end to this unlawful activity and defend our right to personal privacy. It is about time that the United States returned to the founding concept that guided its establishment, which was that of limited government. Our nation’s government must not be allowed to evolve into a surveillance state.

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