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COVID Vaccines and Bone Health: A Growing Concern?

Recent reports have stirred concern among millions worldwide, suggesting a potential link between COVID vaccinations and significant bone health complications emerging within a year of inoculation. Multiple healthcare practitioners have brought attention to instances of severe bone loss allegedly attributed to mRNA components within the vaccines.

Diving into Medical Insights:

Dr. Amy Hartsfield, a specialist in orofacial pain and dental sleep medicine, has observed a significant increase in patients experiencing mysterious pain and deterioration in otherwise healthy teeth and jawbones. Patients exhibit a range of symptoms, including neurovascular and myofascial pain, headaches unrelated to toothaches, osteonecrosis of the jaw, sleep disturbances, tinnitus, and autoimmune disorders affecting the oral and facial areas. Dr. Hartsfield suspects that these symptoms may be connected to the formation of tiny blood clots following COVID-19 vaccinations.

Case Study: Cheryl Alverson’s Experience:
Cheryl Alverson, 79, suffered severe bone loss post-Moderna’s mRNA injection, leading to recurrent infections necessitating the extraction of all lower teeth. Diagnostic tests revealed an overload of microclots post-vaccination, hindering bone healing after extractions, a phenomenon typically seen in patients undergoing specific medical treatments, which didn’t apply to Alverson.

Dr. Doug Denson, a specialist in oral surgery, has noticed a correlation between COVID-19 vaccinations and certain oral health issues in his patients. While he can not confirm a direct cause-and-effect relationship between the vaccine and these problems, he stresses the importance of screening patients for their vaccination status when addressing post-injection bone and teeth-related complications.

Unveiling a Medical Conundrum:

While connections between vaccination and bone health issues seem apparent, establishing a definitive causative link remains challenging. Denson highlights the complexity of pinpointing exact mechanisms, emphasizing that correlation might not equate to causation in every instance.

Navigating the Healthcare Landscape:

Amidst a rise in patients experiencing bone and teeth complications after receiving vaccinations, medical professionals like Dr. Hartsfield are emphasizing the crucial need for vaccine status screening. They are drawing attention to the significance of conducting comprehensive evaluations before administering vaccines, citing concerns about adverse effects as documented in CDC data.

Debunking Misconceptions:

Conversations around COVID’s existence, PCR tests, mask mandates, and their impact continue. Some assert the absence of isolated SARS-CoV-2 and propose the disease itself as the “vaccine,” citing additional issues arising from measures like mask mandates, job losses, and social isolation.

The medical community needs to further investigate the connection between COVID vaccinations and their effects on bone health. Although there are some associations, thorough research and careful examination are required to establish definitive causal relationships.

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