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Claims in lawsuits that institutions intentionally subjected unvaccinated people to the lethal combination of remdesivir and respirators

New lawsuits say that the choice to treat covid patients with remdesivir and suffocate them with a ventilator, a regimen for the pandemic “therapy” that we now know had killed thousands, was made without any basis in science.

It is claimed in the lawsuits that hospitals systematically singled out those who had not been vaccinated. Patients who had not been vaccinated were essentially punished for their refusal to comply with official regulations by being made to use remdesivir and use ventilators.

It seems, the government paid clinics a tonne of money for each patient who received the regimen, so many vaccinated people also got it, just to be sure. The vaccinated may have received it less often than the unvaccinated, it seems.

As attorney Dan Watkins recently said on “The Alex Jones Show,” where he was accompanied by Michael Hamilton, “if there’s any demographic that was targeted, it’s those who were unvaxxed.”

“As soon as they find out you’re unvaccinated, they quickly take you into this process, and your care is placed down on the back – burner and nobody pays much attention to you until you’re done.”

Wow, Infowars’ Jones exclaimed in response to Watkins, appalled by this brazen example of “bioethical eugenics targeting” the unvaccinated.

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